Homeopathic Medicines: Source Materials

Basic sources of homeopathic remedies are almost the same as of other drug systems. The difference in allopathic medicines, herbal preparations and homeopathic remedies lies in the method of preparation. However, homeopathy has some specialties that are not found in other medical systems, which makes it far more versatile covering much larger range of symptoms. There are several substances that are not used by other systems but homeopathy has used them quite effectively. Basic sources are:

– Herbs, plants and vegetables (plant kingdom)
– Animal kingdom
– Minerals
– Synthetic preparations
– Sarcodes
– Nosodes
– Imponderables

From the plant kingdom, the whole plant, root, leaves, bark, seeds or flowers may be used according to the rules laid down in homeopathic pharmacopoeia. From the animal kingdom, the whole animal may be used as in Blatta Orientalis prepared from Indian cockroach. Substances like snake poisons also fall in the animal kingdom. The imponderables include electricity, magnetism, X-rays, Sunrays and Lunar rays etcetera. This might sound crazy to those who do not understand what homeopathy is, how exactly are homeopathic medicines prepared and what they contain in higher potencies.

Most of the homeopathic medicines are prepared using alcohol as vehicle (carrier) while some are prepared in distilled water or sugar of milk. The vehicle is chosen according to the nature of the basic drug substance.

In case of the nosodes, the sources are much like other systems but the way they are prepared and developed to higher potencies makes the difference. In higher potencies the nosodes, sarcodes and imponderables are mostly selected and used like other homeopathic potencies, that is by matching the symptoms and as decided by the physician. There is nothing to be afraid of such medicines. They are safe to use according to the requirement. Even though homeopathic remedies have no known side effects, yet one should not just pick up a medicine and start using it. You should leave it to your homeopath to decide and recommend.