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Vitiligo (Leucoderma): Homeopathic Treatment for Vitiligo

Vitiligo of hands. Homeopathic treatment of vitiligo

What is Vitiligo?
It is a skin related disease also known as "leucoderma", which means white skin. Vitiligo is a common disorder of depigmentation, which occurs due to retarded production of melanin in the skin. It appears as white patches. If left untreated, white patches start expanding and becoming prominent and new patches start developing. Gradually almost whole skin becomes white but there is no formation of scales over them.

Vitiligo is found all over the world, in all countries and all races. It may occur in either sex at any age but mostly it starts before 30 years age. Within this age group, occurrence of vitiligo is more common in childhood and teen age.

Causes of Vitiligo

There are various views about cause of vitiligo but exact cause is not yet known. It is commonly understood as local disorder of the skin resulting from pigmentary changes. Our experience with cured cases shows that it is neurogenic in origin, triggered by certain imbalances of heat and moisture in the body and aggravated by certain kinds of food items. Ultraviolet rays are only an aggravating factor, not the cause of vitiligo. One opinion is that vitiligo is caused by taking milk immediately after a particular type of fish but no body knows which type of fish is that. This is only a myth not the true cause of vitiligo.

Vitiligo Main Points

  • It starts in small patches, which gradually become large
  • It does not spread suddenly in few days
  • Every white spot does not point to vitiligo
  • Vitiligo is not life threatening
  • Vitiligo is not contagious
  • Its cause is internal not external
  • Certain food items can speed up the spread of vitiligo
  • External applications for vitiligo treatment do not remove the cause of vitiligo
  • It has great cosmetic and social value
  • Vitiligo is curable through homeopathic treatment

Homeopathic Treatment of Vitiligo (leucoderma).

The very first and valid question is, "Is vitiligo curable"? The answer is "YES, it is curable" through homeopathy.

For lots of people it is hard to believe that when modern medical science has no cure for vitiligo, how homeopathy can cure it but the fact is that it can. Homeopathy has its own philosophy and way of treatment. The system does not look at vitiligo as local disorder limited to the skin, to be treated externally like cuts, wounds or burns. Homeopathic treatment is based on complete analysis of individual symptoms considering the person as a whole. Medicines chosen after complete case taking according to correct procedure of homeopathy automatically takes care of the underlying cause and permanently cures vitiligo.

It is not necessary that homeopathic medicines must essentially be for oral use only and not in the form of something to be used externally. Applications for external use can be prepared as required from homeopathic medicines to speed up the cure. For homeopathic treatment of vitiligo, both internal and external medicines are used for better and quicker results. We know how to effectively treat vitiligo. We have done in many cases. Consult us today.

Time required for treatment of vitiligo depends on many factors particularly on how much is the spread. While it does get cured, the process of cure takes time. There is no magic medicine that would cure vitiligo in few days or even few weeks. Both the doctor and the sufferer need to be patient. The sufferer would also need to be regular in taking the medicines and exercise strict diet control according to the advice of the doctor. Those who do not wish to do so, may not expect much benefit from the treatment even with good medicines. Permanent cure comes through proper treatment.