Treatment of HIV-AIDS

Many Internet searchers look for symptoms of AIDS and preventive measures, hardly for the treatment because general impression all over the world is that “there is no cure for AIDS and that the complications and advancement of symptoms can be delayed but cannot be stopped“. All that the sufferer gets is consolation, management, flood of advice, hopes or news but no cure. This is why majority does not even look towards alternative healing systems. In this article I do not intend suggesting medicines for AIDS or a particular healing system. The purpose is to see the options available and initiate a thought process. If you are infected with HIV or have AIDS and are really interested in the treatment, you should not depend on just one system that out rightly says "NO cure". Do not give up.

There are many healing systems in use today with varying capabilities, merits and demerits but every healing system cannot do everything. Each of them has its own ways of working and philosophy. None of them is all time perfect for every disease. One system may have effective treatment for a particular disease while another may not have much to offer for that. If orthodox medical system has no cure for AIDS, should you leave it at that and let the disease develop? No, you should not. If you lock your mind on one system and listen only to what they say, you are not doing a favor to yourself. Why not look for other systems and evaluate them with open mind? The believers of orthodox system are not happy with alternative medicine whereas alternative medicine particularly homeopathy has tremendous capabilities to cure much wider range of diseases as compared to orthodox medicine.

Homeopathy is very effective in treating HIV and AIDS, it might take few months though. If you want your HIV or AIDS cured, consult a homeopathic practitioner who really understands the mechanics related with AIDS treatments. Please remember that it is not to be treated by the name of the disease. We have the experience of successful treatment of HIV and AIDS.

Alongside whatever treatment you are taking, consider learning to supplement and speed up the cure. For information about Reiki, you may use this link.