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Hepatitis Treatment

What is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is a liver disease caused by virus. It is of many types but types A, B and C are more common having different effects on the body. The treatment for each type is also different. All types are infectious and can travel from one person to another.

When this virus attacks the liver, it causes dysfunction of this important organ. In case of hepatitis A, this dysfunction becomes prominent much sooner than other types. In case of Hepatitis B, C, D and E, initially the virus works silently but as the disease progresses, the symptoms start becoming obvious.

Symptoms of Hepatitis A (Jaundice)

In case of hepatitis A which is commonly called jaundice, the entire body including nails and sclera (whites of the eyes) becomes yellow. In fact every visible organ where the blood circulates becomes yellow. The only thing left out is the hair because there is no blood circulation in them. The affected person looks bloodless. Even the urine becomes dark yellow. This yellowish appearance of hepatitis is different to pale look due to anemia. In most cases the stool also becomes yellow.

Treatment of Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is not considered as dangerous as other types. It yields much quicker than all other types and can be treated by any medical system but homeopathy is far more effective than other systems. The apparent symptoms usually clear off in about a week or so but a confirmatory test would be necessary to check whether level of bilirubin has dropped to within permissible limits or not. Proper medical treatment would be necessary otherwise the liver function might get seriously disturbed and become serious. Jaundice of the new born babies is quite common, which can be cured effectively by homeopathy.

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

As compared to Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B is less commonly found. Immediately after infection there might be mild or no abnormal symptom. Short-term symptoms that appear are usually not very alarming. Unlike Hepatitis A, the body usually does not become yellow. As a result it does not even occur to many persons that they are infected. If the initial acute symptoms go unnoticed or unattended, one may reach the chronic stage without noticeable symptoms. The disease may thus remain undetected for years and years. As the disease advances, the symptoms start becoming noticeable. Untreated hepatitis can cause permanent damage to the liver and become fatal. In case you feel something abnormal, consider a medical check up. In case the infection is found, go for the treatment without unnecessary delay.

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Treatment

Modern medical system can treat hepatitis C but does not consider Hepatitis B curable. Homeopathy has plenty of medicines to cure hepatitis at various stages. However, if hepatitis has already aggravated to the stage where ascites has set in, the treatment becomes complicated. Therefore, the treatment must be started as soon as possible.