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Hemorrhoids: Homeopathic Treatment for Piles

What are Hemorrhoids?

The term hemorrhoid (also called piles) refers to a condition in which the veins around the anus are abnormally swollen and inflamed. This disease can occur in both men and women but is more common in women during pregnancy, people with sedentary habits and those who have a chair-bound job. Hemorrhoids are usually very painful and troublesome but not life-threatening or contagious. The condition usually worsens with passage of time. Hemorrhoids can be internal (inside the anus), external (outside and around the anus) or combination of both. Those may also be categorized as bleeding or blind (non-bleeding) hemorrhoids. In some cases, chronic blind piles may become painless over a period of time but do give a feeling of uneasiness.

Signs and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Common symptoms of hemorrhoids are:

  • In case of external piles, an extra lump may be felt around the anus. It may contain coagulated blood in case of bleeding piles.
  • In case of bleeding piles, bright red blood is visible after the bowel movement.
  • The area around the anus is itchy and painful.
  • Passing the stool is painful.

There are other anal troubles like fissures, fistula, abscesses and itching that have nearly similar symptoms and may be mistaken for hemorrhoids. Therefore, physical examination is advisable for proper diagnosis.

Causes and Prevention

There are several factors that can cause hemorrhoids. Common causes include persistent constipation, straining at stool even though the stool may be soft, chronic diarrhea, acidity due to excessive use of acidic food items and sedentary habits. The most important step for prevention is to make sure that your stomach works fine. Preventive measures are nearly the same as for constipation.

Homeopathic Treatment for Hemorrhoids

One can quickly get rid of hemorrhoids through modern medical procedures and return home happily after spending few days in the hospital but such treatment does not remove the cause and does not therefore provide permanent cure. They may recur after some time.

Homeopathic medicines can effectively cure all types of piles painlessly along with cure of the cause. No surgery is required. Fresh piles can be cured in shorter time ranging from few days to few weeks whereas chronic cases may take longer time for complete and permanent cure depending upon the condition.

We have vast experience of successful treatment of hemorrhoids in both male and female sufferers.