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Homeopathy for Heart Diseases

It is not very common to go for homeopathic treatment for heart diseases for the reason that most people are not aware or sure of efficacy of homeopathy, particularly for heart diseases. Due to unawareness, they don't want to take chances and prefer to go to Cardiologists and remain on medication all their life. Some people do consult homeopaths but generally as last option. By that time, many complications set in making the treatment difficult.

Homeopathy has very effective treatment for most of the heart related ailments. The advantage of homeopathy as compared to other healing systems is that it goes by symptoms and takes in to consideration much more details than any other healing system. Since each disease has its own peculiar symptoms, symptomatic approach automatically takes care of underlying cause. Most of those who received homeopathic treatment have benefited a great deal. It helps in a quicker and much better way. Diseases like coronary thrombosis, ischemic heart disease and a few others need regular treatment for some time. Follow-up treatment of course has to be given for in all the cases, according to gravity and nature of the case.

Homeopathic Mother Tincture Crataegus is a good tonic for the heart but like all other medicines, it should only be used on advice by a homeopathic doctor.

Consider Homeopathic Treatment if:

  • You get out of breath with little exertion even though your lungs are fine. This condition can be quickly cured.
  • You have angina pectoris.
  • When your pulse rate is too slow (Bradycardia) or too rapid (Tachycardia).
  • When pulse becomes weak, almost imperceptible.
  • Intermittent pulse. A beat or two missing after some beats. It is a serious irregularity.
  • Irregular (non rhythmic) pulse. Some beats strong and some weak.

Homeopathy is not limited to treatment of these conditions only. It can help you in many ways but in any case, you should follow the advice of your doctor.