Dengue Fever in Pakistan

During the past some time, Dengue fever has spread like epidemic in Pakistan’s province of Punjab particularly in and around the city of Lahore. It has also hit the province of Sindh but in Lahore it is the worst. Hundreds of new cases had been reported but with the end of monsoon season, the severity of epidemic has dropped. The government has taken all the possible preventive measures which has slowed down the spread but it has not come to a halt yet.

Picture of Dengue Mosquito

Apparently the masses seem to fear the infection but majority does not seem to adopt precautionary measures. Lots of people can still be seen wearing half-sleeve shirts and no socks at all. On one hand cleanliness, hygiene and precautionary measures are not being properly attended to while on the other the people have panicked unnecessarily due to highly exaggerated fear created by the media. What the media could have done is educate the masses on preventive measures rather than creating undue alarm. They have started doing it now but after frightening the people too much. Just take proper preventive measures and relax. There is no need to panic. Out of proportion fear of Dengue will get you nowhere.

Nearly everyone looks for a magic preventive medicine and expects that Dengue Fever be prevented by just few doses. In our opinion, this is not a realistic approach. We heard an allopathic doctor in a TV program saying that they have no curative medicine for Dengue Fever. All they can do is lower the fever and inject platelets when required and manage the case. Contrary to that, homeopathy has a good number of curative medicines to handle different sets of symptoms of Dengue infection. Homeopathic medicines can quickly and effectively lower the temperature, stop further advancement of the disease and cure the case. However, if the case has already advanced to a stage where platelet count has dropped to a dangerous limit, raising it back through medicines and dietary items would take some time. In such advanced cases, going to the hospital would be a better option, yet, one should not lose the wits.