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Endometritis: Symptoms and Homeopathic Treatment for Endometritis

What is Endometritis?

Endometritis is the medical term used to describe the inflammation of the endometruim, the inner lining of the uterus. The inflammation may be caused by infection brought on by the use of various devices inserted for birth control, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) such as chlamydia, surgery, abortion and childbirth. Endometritis may be acute or chronic.

Symptoms of Endometritis

After the infection takes place, usual symptoms associated with infection begin to appear and include fever, irritation of uterus, painful sexual intercourse, dysmenorrhea (difficult and painful menstruation) and fetid vaginal discharge with or without bleeding. As the intensity of infection increases, the symptoms also become severe. The vaginal discharge might increase in quantity and also become more offensive smelling. The fever may also be high. Dysmenorrhea has further symptoms associated with it that include pain in the pelvic region, back and lower abdomen and abnormal bleeding in certain cases. If you find any of these symptoms, it would be advisable to see your doctor and have it diagnosed because dysmenorrhea can also be due to causes other than endometritis. Possible complications associated with endometritis that remains untreated for long time include infertility, septicemia, uterine abscess or general infection of pelvis area.

Treatment of Endometritis

The treatment generally consists of antibiotics and is good enough for most patients but in complicated cases hospitalization of the patient might become necessary. The treatment plan should include both the sex partners.

Homeopathic Treatment for Endometritis

Homeopathy has over 35 medicines to treat various conditions and symptoms of endometritis. Commonly used medicines include Aconitum Napellus, Apis Mellifica, Arsenicum Album, Belladonna, Bryonia Alba, Cimicifuga Racemosa, Cantharis, Cinchona Officinalis, Gelsemium, Iodum, Mercurius Sublimatus Corrosivus, Pulsatilla Nigra, Sabadilla, Secale Cornutum, Sepia and Silicea. If used according to symptoms, homeopathic medicines can cure various menstrual troubles, leucorrhea and many other diseases associated with whole female reproductive organs. They can also cure various forms of infertility. We have successfully treated many cases of endometritis and other gynaecological issues. If you are suffering from endometritis, give a try to homeopathy. You would not be disappointed.