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Cancer: Homeopathic Treatment for Cancer and Tumors

What is Cancer?

Cancer is usually misunderstood as the name of one disease whereas the term is actually related with many diseases related with body’s cells growing out of control. Once the cells start growing abnormally, they spread to other parts of the body through blood and lymph system. Birth, growth and division of body cells is controlled by many different processes that can go wrong for some reason and make a cell cancerous. Thus, cancer begins in the cells and is said to be of more than 100 types. Most of the cancers are named after the organ in which they begin like liver cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and so on. Cancer has been grouped into various categories such as:

  • Carcinoma – This type of cancer belongs to the protective lining of the internal organs and skin.
  • Sarcoma – Belongs to the connective and supportive tissues like bones, cartilages and muscles et cetera.
  • Leukemia – It is the blood cancer in simple language. It does not form tumors.

There are several treatments for different types of cancer but most common treatment in modern medical science is Chemotherapy.

What are Tumors?

At times the process of normal growth and division of the cell gets damaged, due to which, old cells stay while the new cells are also formed making up a mass tissue called tumor. Such tumors are generally divided in two categories as under:

  • Benign Tumors: These are often considered harmless because cells making them up do not spread to other parts of the body, are isolated and can be removed permanently. This type includes the fibroids, which are solid tumors made up of fibrous tissue. Fibroid tumors can occur singly or as multiple tumors, the number going up to several dozens at a time. Fibroids usually do not present a symptomatic indication when small in size. The size of the fibroids can vary from a very tiny mass to several pounds. Once removed, they generally do not recur at the same location.
  • Malignant Tumors: These are cancerous in nature. The cells in these tumors can affect the adjoining tissues and also spread to other parts of the body. Such tumors usually cause serious health problems.

Homeopathic Treatment for Cancer and Tumors

Homeopathy has tremendous capability to cure various types of cancer permanently. Cancer and both types of tumors are treated differently. Benign tumors are easier to treat while treatment of malignant tumors takes time and careful treatment. If the treatment is not completed, it can occur again unlike benign tumors and cause complications. If you notice some extra ordinary growth in any part of the body, have it diagnosed immediately and go for proper treatment. Homeopathy offers effective treatment for cancer and various types of tumors.