Heart Diseases: Homeopathic Treatment

It is not very common to go for homeopathic treatment for heart diseases for the reason that most people are not aware or sure of efficacy of homeopathy, particularly for heart diseases. Due to unawareness, they don’t want to take chances and prefer to go to Cardiologists and remain on medication all their life. For coronary thrombosis they prefer to undergo surgery not appreciating that the arteries could get blocked again any time after five to seven years of the surgery. Some people consult homeopaths but generally as last option. By that time, many complications set in making the treatment difficult.

Homeopathy has very effective treatment for most of the heart related ailments. The advantage of homeopathy is that it goes by symptoms and takes in to consideration much more details than any other healing system. Since each disease has its own peculiar symptoms, symptomatic approach automatically takes care of underlying cause. Most of those who received homeopathic treatment have benefited a great deal. It helps in a much better way. For example, angina pain can be relieved in less than 20 minutes. This is the result given by about 90% of our patients. The blood pressure can be lowered effectively and quickly (in 30 to 40 minutes). Follow-up treatment of course has to be given for some time in all the cases according to gravity and nature of the case. However, this does not mean that every heart disease would yield as promptly. Different diseases take different time. Diseases like coronary thrombosis, ischemic heart disease and few others would take longer time for satisfactory cure.

Homeopathic Mother Tincture CRATAEGUS is a good tonic for the heart but like all other medicines, it should only be used on advice from a doctor.


  • Undue delay in getting the treatment can result in to complications, making the cure difficult with every passing day. Therefore, obviously the first recommendation is that if you have any heart related complaint, consult a doctor without delay.
  • You should choose a treatment system that can cure conveniently without harmful side effects, not just palliate.
  • Each individual is a special and unique person and must be treated accordingly. Give full details of your case to your homeopath to enable him/her to work out your prescription correctly.
  • Go strictly by the advice of your doctor. Do not make changes to your diet or medicines on your own.
  • Take care of your health but do not worry about it. Undue worries aggravate the disease. The requirement is to remain cool, get rid of any mental tensions and go for a proper and regular treatment.
  • Keep a watch on your pulse for timely indications.