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Asthma Types, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a disorder of the lungs obstructing the breathing process. The condition is caused by inflammation of the air passages, which narrows down or tightens them. As a result, free flow of air in to the lungs is impeded making the breathing difficult. Asthma is not restricted to a particular age group or gender. Anyone can become asthmatic at any age but it is generally found in children and elderly persons. Asthma is neither a psychological condition nor contagious.

Types of Asthma

There are different types of asthma and may also be categorized according to its characteristics as Humid asthma, Dry asthma and Congestive asthma. The expectoration of mucus may be:
- Free, fluent and in abundance
- Almost checked or very little
- Thick and intermittent. At times the expectoration may be thick or hard in shape of small balls.

Symptoms of Asthma

Symptoms of asthma are quite variable and not the same for everyone. Main indications are:

  • Suffocation. The sufferer feels as if breathing would stop any moment.
  • At times inspiration is impeded while at another, expiration is impeded.
  • Wheezing (sort of whistling sound), which may be audible even without a stethoscope. At times there might be no wheezing at all.
  • Tightness of chest as if full of something or as if tied up externally.
  • These conditions may be accompanied by dry cough or with rattling sound of mucus.

Severity of the symptoms does not necessarily depend on how old is the case. It depends on cause and several other related factors.


The attack of asthma may start at any time under a particular condition or factor and may last for hours. Such conditions or factors are called triggers and differ from person to person. Triggers are not the causes of asthma. As the name implies, they trigger or start an attack or may worsen the already going on attack. Such triggers may include exposure to cold, physical exertion, lying down at night especially after mid-night, talking for a longer time, inhaling smoke particularly of cigarette, strong odors, dust, cold drinks, indigestion, cold bathing, weather changes, continued dry and cold weather, hot weather and humidity etc. Asthma can also be triggered by emotional disturbance and mental stress. This list is not exhaustive and complete. There might be many other factors specific to individual.

Treatment of Asthma

Modern medical science offers temporary relief but no permanent cure whereas various alternative medicines do. Herbal treatment and homeopathy can provide very effective and permanent cure of asthma. Asthma can be cured permanently if treatment is planned keeping all the modalities in view. In homeopathy, factors and conditions that aggravate or give relief are called modalities, which vary from individual to individual. This precision makes cure of asthma much easier and mostly successful with lasting cure. We have the experience of successfully treating various cases of asthma.