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Allergy: Types, Symptoms and Treatment of Allergies

Allergy is a reaction of the body’s immune system to a particular substance that is usually harmless otherwise but the body does not accept that. The substance to which the body might react varies from person to person and the reaction is also not necessarily similar in everyone. Everyone does not have allergies but those who have them may be sensitive to one or more items.

There are two main types of allergies, namely, Season and Perennial:

  • Seasonal allergies occur in a specific season
  • Perennial allergies persist round the year.

What causes Allergy?

There are countless items that could cause the trouble. For example, a person could be allergic to one or more particular food items, animals including pets, cockroaches, dust, nuts, specific odor, specific metal, pollen and cigarette smoke etc. Pollen allergy in Islamabad, Pakistan is quite common. It is the most common of all types. Common symptoms include running nose, sore throat, irritation of eyes, dyspnea and irritation of skin. Some may get fever as well while some may get attack of suffocation even though they might not be asthmatic. However, these are not all the symptoms of allergy, there could be several other symptoms varying person to person.

Treatment of Allergies

Most allergic reactions can be treated by proper medication and/or avoiding contact with the relevant substance but practically it might not be possible to always avoid the unwanted. So medication would be a better answer. Homeopathic medicines cover wide range of allergies and associated symptoms and can effectively cure them including the one caused by glutamine.

If you have some kind of allergy, go for homeopathic treatment.