Prevention of Acne

To prevent acne, you would need to take care of some of the aspects yourself. Following are the guidelines about preventive measures, which are not wholesome by any standard. You may add or ignore according to the advice of your health provider.


– Get eight hours of sleep at a stretch, if you can.
– Wash your face with fresh water at least twice a day.
– Try to get rid of undue mental stresses.
– Avoid undue exposure to sunrays.

Dietary Habits

– Eat on time
– Do not overload your stomach
– Use plenty of fresh fruit.
– Avoid fatty and acidic foodstuff. Occasional use is fine but do not use too much of it. If you are taking too much of acidic foodstuff and less of water, you are heading for acne and other troubles.

Females only

– If your menstrual cycle is not regular, you are a prospective candidate for acne. So do not take it lightly. Have it treated.
– In some parts of the world young girls use various concoctions to improve their complexion. Better remain away from poor quality cosmetics.

General Care

– Do not scratch, pick or squeeze the pimples. This is to prevent the scars.
– Follow the advice of your doctor and use only advised medicines.
– Do not use external applications unless you are sure of their safety.

Treatment of Acne

Acne is not considered permanently curable by the modern medical system. The system offers various kinds of treatments that help in managing acne but do not provide long term relief. Since the exact cause of acne remains unknown, there is no suitable product or medicine that could cure acne permanently. The entire focus of orthodox medical system is on killing the bacteria and opening the pores using various kinds of antibiotics, antibacterials and other products, which provide short terms relief, not effective and permanent cure. The acne treatments include:

– Antibiotics and antibacterials for external use
– Oral medication
– Injections
– Retinoids
– Laser treatment, which (probably) does not provide permanent cure

Other Treatments

  • Herbal treatment is quite effective for treatment of acne and other skin diseases.
  • Chromotherapy might also be of help in controlling acne. You would need to explore this therapy.
  • Homeopathic Treatment: Homeopathy has large number of medicines that are used for different conditions of acne and are capable of curing acne permanently. For homeopathic treatment detailed case taking is required covering the symptoms of disease and the personal symptoms which may have (apparently) no direct relationship with the disease but play an important role in the selection of proper homeopathic remedy. If you look up the details, you would find that homeopathic medicines cover very minute details, even those details that have no place in orthodox medical system. You need not worry about the harmful side effects because homeopathic potencies are known for their safety. Remember that timely treatment of acne can save you the discomfort and possible scarring of the skin.

Some general tips, ways to control acne are:

– Astringents to remove the excess oil
– Use of antiseptic soap to destroy the acne bacteria
– Use of moisturizers
– Use of multi-vitamins and zinc rich diet
– Low fat intake
– Use of lot of water
– Taking care of various aspects of hygiene