Causes of Acne

Acne is a common skin disease but modern medical science has not yet been able to find its exact cause. Mostly it is believed that incomplete metabolization of oil makes the dead skin cells sticky blocking the pores of the skin from where bacteria enters into the pores and causes infection and inflammation. If this is true then cause of acne is not bacteria but faulty metabolization of oil that provides a favorable ground to bacteria to harbor itself and cause the trouble. It is believed that dirt does not cause acne. Whatever be the cause, acne is mostly caused by internal disorder.

Dietary Habits

If we dig it out further, it leads back to inappropriate dietary habits but the modern science does not agree. Diet is not considered as a factor causing acne whereas actually it is. The fact is that whatever we eat or drink does affects our bodies. This can be observed and experienced by anyone, like you drink water and feel that your thirst is gone, take food and your hunger is satisfied. If your body is deficient of proteins, you take protein-rich diet and if your body needs carbohydrates, you make up the deficiency by taking appropriate diet. Following the same argument, if you stick to a particular type of diet for too long, it is bound to tell its effects and create various symptoms according to what you have been taking. Acne is no exception. It will occur when suitable situation is provided by particular dietary habits. It is a matter of finding out the items that cause and promote acne, which might slightly differ for different persons.

Defective Menstrual Cycle

Most of the young girls with defective menstrual cycle can get acne. If the periods are delayed and bleeding is less than normal with dark and clotted blood, the ground is ready for acne to appear.

Poor Hygiene:

Though it is not a major cause of acne yet it is one of the contributory factors.