Salix Nigra


Has a positive action on the generative organs of both sexes. Hysteria and nervousness. Libidinous thoughts and lascivious dreams. Controls genital irritability. Moderates sexual passion. Satyriasis and erotomania. In acute gonorrhea, with much erotic trouble; chordee. After masturbation; spermatorrhea.

Red, swollen, especially the end of nose-eyes blood-shot and sore to touch and on motion. Roots of hair hurt. Epistaxis.

Before and during menses much nervous disturbance, pain in ovaries; difficult menstruation. Ovarian congestion and neuralgia. Menorrhagia. Bleeding with uterine fibroid. Nymphomania.

Painful movement of the testicles.

Pain across sacral and lumbar region. Unable to step out quickly.

Compare: Yohimbin; Canth.

Material doses of the tincture, thirty drops.

Reference: “Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory” by William Boericke
Salix Nigra
(Salix nigra. Black Willow. N. O. Salicacee. Tincture of fresh bark.)

Clinical.Diarrhoa. Emissions. Fevers. Gonorrhoa. Impotence. Masturbation. Night-sweats. Nymphomania. Prostatitis. Satyriasis. Spermatorrhoa.

Characteristics.The Black Willow of North America has a reputation as a purgative and febrifuge. A proving by E. D. Wright, who took half an ounce of the tincture in a day, is given in Allen’s Appendix. It developed soreness of muscles; a tired, sleepy state; loose bowels, sore gums, and fever. Sal. n. has been largely used by eclectics in a great variety of affections of the genito-urinary system. W. B. McCoy (Hom. News, xxviii. 72) relates a number of cases illustrating this action. (1) Man, 35, lost control of his sexual appetite, and the more he indulged the worse the craving became, and indulgence made him a physical wreck. Sal. n. e, in teaspoonful doses thrice daily, cured in five weeks. (2) Youth, 23, had masturbated since he was a boy. Sal. n. e, gtt xx., four times a day, was given for a fortnight, the quantity being gradually diminished, until in a few weeks the young man was quite cured. (3) A teacher, 21, five years before had a spell of fever which left him with a tendency to seminal emissions, which had become very frequent, and had reduced him to a very low condition: Extremely thin, sallow, nervous; cold hands and feet even in heat of summer. Extremely cross and irritable. Sal. n. e, gtt. 1x., four times a day, was given, with speedy improvement. Later on the dose was reduced to thirty drops. The losses ceased, and in three months the patient had gained 41 pounds in weight. (4) A negro, 53, had sexual desire but without ability; yet during the night he would have emissions without erections. Sal. n. e, gtt. xlv., four times a day, cured in three weeks. McCoy also used Sal. n. successfully in gonorrhoa, but other remedies were given as well. A decoction of the fresh bark has proved (H. R., xii. 447) a specific for excessive night-sweats in pulmonary cases.

Relations.Compare: Con., Agn., Pic. ac. In gonorrhoa, Salol, Petrosel.


Head.Skin on temples sore to touch.

Mouth.Gums sore.

1Stool and Anus.Looseness of bowels.

Generalities.Muscles sore and lame.Disposition to lie down and sleep.

Fever.Fever (2nd d.).

Reference: “A Dictionary Of Practical Materia Medica” By John Henry Clarke