Gettysburg Water

(Gettysburg Water)

Stringy mucus from throat and posterior nares. Rawness. Neck muscles rigid. Joints weak. Cannot lift things. Ligaments rigid. Subacute gouty state. Evaporated and residium triturated to 6x. Of use in sub-acute and chronic rheumatism. White coated tongue. High colored urine with red sandy sediment. Sensation of rigidity worse moving. Especially in lumbar region and joints of hips, shoulders and wrists. Not perceived when quiet. More in morning. Cannot remain long in one position. Stiffness of muscles on moving. Pain in ligaments relieved by rest.

Lycopodium, Phosphor. Rhus Pulsat, but modalities differ.

Worse, stiffness of muscles on moving. Better, rest (ligaments and stiffness of muscles).

Lower triturations. Also thirtieth potency.

Reference: “Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory” by William Boericke
(The Salt of a Mineral Spring at Gettysburg, Pa., U.S.A. Trituration.)

Clinical.─Bone, affections of. Hip disease. Potts’disease. Scrofula. Ulcers.

Characteristics.─Magnesium sulphate is the predominant ingredient of Gettys., but the water contains many salts of alkalis, and earths with a number of metals. Lithium is contained in it. Its action is very like that of Silica (which it contains). It is indicated in caries of vertebr√¶ or hip; ulceration of joints, when the discharge excoriates. Scrofulous children.

Reference: “A Dictionary Of Practical Materia Medica” By John Henry Clarke