How to Receive Homeopathic Treatment

The heading of this article might sound quite silly on first look but as you read, it would become quite clear and you would know how.

It is quite simple to go to a homeopath and tell him/her your problem (even name of the disease if you know). This is fine for a traditional medical practitioner but it might be grossly inadequate for a homeopath. He/She needs to know a lot more about your symptoms, eating habits, craving of and aversion to certain food items, the time (and weather) of the day or sitting/lying posture when your complaint increases or decreases and a host of other questions. All these factors are called modalities. Briefly, a homeopath needs your complete picture.

These details are required because there is not just one homeopathic medicine for a particular symptom. Every homeopathic medicine is different to the other and covers a wide range of symptoms but the set of symptoms covered by every medicine is different. Some symptoms covered by two or more medicines might be common but not all of those. If you look up any Materia Medica, you would understand what I am try to say. Therefore, a homeopath needs all the details to be able to reach most suitable medicine according to your symptoms.

At times the patients do not tell certain symptoms thinking that those might be irrelevant but factually no symptom is irrelevant. In certain cases even the dreams are relevant. So, when you go to a homeopath, tell everything and answer all questions as correctly and precisely as possible. DO NOT hide anything. This way you will help your self by enabling the homeopath to work out most suitable treatment plan. You may also like to read another article on this topic.