Harmful Effects of Acidic Foodstuff, Coca-Cola etc.

In the changed lifestyle, use of fast food especially burgers, bakery items, Coca-Cola and other similar drinks has increased tremendously. Such aerated drinks and beverages have become perhaps the most popular drinks especially among the youngsters. I have come across certain families who never let the stock of soft drinks exhaust in their homes. There is hardly a party to be seen without Colas or other similar drinks. Most of the office workers also use fast food and aerated drinks out of convenience but very few seem to be aware of the hazards of such items. This is probably due to ease of use, availability in abundance and attraction created by advertisements in both print and electronic media.

It can be easily understood that acidic foodstuff increases acidity. The pH value of Coca-Cola is around 2.5, which is highly acidic. Image the increase in level of acidity after taking this drink and the harm it can do. In addition to increase in acidity, there are other effects that it produces on the body. Excessive and frequent use of acidic stuff prepares suitable grounds for many diseases like acid reflux, freckles, some forms of acne, stomach ulcer, hemorrhoids, constipation and many other diseases related with digestive system and skin. Generally there is no direct and immediate harm seen (unless the person has stomach ulcer etc.) and since in most cases the harmful effects do not appear instantly, people do not understand the wrong they are doing to themselves. When they end up with one or more of such diseases, they wonder what had happened to them but never realize and neither do most of medical practitioners tell them of the cause. The advertisements are so effective that most of the young boys and girls are carried away developing irresistible desire to use the synthetic soft drinks. It is merely out of blind pursuit of a wrong fashion, not necessity.

For better health, it is always advisable to keep the diet well balanced and remain away from synthetic preparations before it is too late. Try and rely on plain water or natural drinks rather than synthetic soft drinks. Use fresh juices and take all fresh fruits and vegetables of the season, which give natural energy and meet the requirements of the body naturally. They also meet natural requirement of acidity in the body but remember not to use anything too frequently or in excess.