Advantages of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an alternative healing system but it is gaining popularity all over the world. In South Asia particularly in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka homeopathy is preferred by a large section of the population because it is simpler, economical, safe and yet effective. In certain cases it is found to be more effective than any other healing system. Main advantages of homeopathy are:

  • Homeopathy is effective and safe treatment system that aims at stimulating body’s own healing mechanism to counter the manifesting disorders.
  • The system is curative, not suppressive with many advantages.
  • Homeopathic medicines have no known harmful side effects, if used correctly. They are much safer during pregnancy and for children of all ages and can be chosen according to modalities.
  • Homeopathy is effective in both acute and chronic diseases and can successfully cure many diseases without surgery including even some of the dental diseases.
  • Homeopathy treats the individual as a whole, not part by part or organ by organ and covers very wide range of symptoms from light fever and sore throat to chronic and complicated diseases.
  • Homeopathy is especially useful for treatment of those diseases that have no known cause because homeopathy considers all the symptoms, which automatically takes care of the underlying cause.
  • Takes care of the modalities, which is yet another wonder of homeopathy.
  • In many cases it works quicker than other treatments.
  • Apparently the disease might be the same in different individuals but their symptoms are not alike. Homeopathy has a great range of medicines covering such conditions.
  • Homeopathy is especially useful for treatment of those diseases that have no known cause or other healing systems consider them incurable. Due to symptomatic approach of homeopathy, the underlying cause is automatically taken care of and treatment of such diseases is not a dream. They can actually be treated by taking all the symptoms in to account according to condition of the individual. Thus, homeopathy is in fact the ultimate hope for those who have been disappointed by other systems.