Preparation of Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathy follows a special system of preparing the medicines and raising their potency. The basic or the starting potency in homeopathy is called “Mother Tincture” if it is in liquid form, and “Mother Triturate” if it is in powder/solid form. The properties of starting potency are very close to the original drug and is not a potency in the true sense. Next potency is then prepared from this basic potency by reducing the concentration of basic drug substance through a special method. Subsequent potencies are prepared step by step from the previous potency not the first potency like fourth potency would be prepared from the third potency, not the first potency and 200th potency would be prepared from 199th potency and so on. For each raising of the potency the mixture is vigorously shaken in a machine that does it in a specific way. This is called succussion that can be done even by hand. In fact initially it used to be done by hand and is still being done so by some pharmacies. Such potencies are called “hand potencies” and cost more than those prepared by mechanical shaking. This process imprints and distributes the healing energy of the medicinal substance throughout the vehicle (water or alcohol) converting that in to a dynamic medicine. The substance like alcohol, water or powder (sugar of milk) used to prepare the medicine is called “vehicle” in homeopathic terminology. As the potency increases, the medicine is dynamized more than the previous potency. Following the same procedure of potentization (or dynamization), the medicines are raised to higher potencies. This procedure changes the physical properties of the medicines gradually attenuating the drug concentration. Thus in homeopathy, higher potency means the reverse of traditional medicines. When studied in detail, it can be found that physical properties of all the higher (above 24X) homeopathic potencies are identical because they physically contain no drug. That is why many people are skeptical and question the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines whereas the reality is that the procedure of potentization makes homeopathic medicines more potent. In the potentized form, homeopathic medicines become energy medicines rather than material medicines. Basic systems of preparing and marking of homeopathic potencies.