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Understanding Homeopathic Medicines

  • Homeopathic Medicines: Preparation of Homeopathic Medicines
    Basic information on how homeopathic medicines are prepared, what are the source materials used to prepare the medicines, and safety of homeopathic medicines prepared from poisons and poisonous materials [...]
  • Homeopathic Medicines: Safety of Medicines Prepared from Poisons
    Homeopathy has used poisons for positive and curative effects on human and animal health. Homeopathic medicines include preparations from organic, inorganic, synthetic, herbal and snake poisons [...]
  • Homeopathic Medicines: Source Materials for Homeopathic Medicines
    Basic sources of homeopathic remedies are almost the same as of other drug systems. The difference in allopathic medicines, herbal preparations and homeopathic remedies lies in the method of preparation [...]
  • Marking Homeopathic Potencies
    Decimal and centesimal systems of preparing and marking homeopathic potencies, triturations and tinctures, meanings of letters X and C used with number of the potency [...]
  • Polychrest Remedies
    Homeopathy has a great treasure of medicines but some of them are more commonly used. Such remedies are called "Polychrest Remedies", "Polychrest Medicines" or simply "Polychrests". List of commonly used homeopathic remedies taken from Materia Medica by Willium Boericke ca be found on this page [...]
  • Selecting A Medicine
    Homeopathic medicines are not chosen by the name of the disease. Selection is made considering overall picture of symptoms and key symptoms in chronic and acute diseases. Fundamental philosophy of selecting a homeopathic medicine [...]