Risk Factors of Vitiligo, Social Issues

Vitiligo (leucoderma) is neither painful nor dangerous for life. It is considered a harmless disease. Some practitioners tend to not call it a disease at all but it certainly has social issues connected with it.

  • The affected person need not feel the health at risk unless he/she has some other disease. Vitiligo by itself does not pose any threat to a healthy living or free mobility. In very rare cases, it may convert itself into skin cancer if other contributory factors are present.
  • One thing good about vitiligo is that it is not contagious. It does not travel from one person to another by shaking hands, hugging, sitting or eating together and even through "very intimate physical contact" but since it gives an awkward visual impression, people don’t feel comfortable being with the affected person. Unfortunately some people behave as if the vitiligo sufferer was a pack of virus that would explode if they touch him. This kind of behavior is due to lack of awareness and correct information about vitiligo and does nothing but unduly hurt the feelings of the sufferer. It must not be forgotten that no one gets vitiligo voluntarily or by personal choice. If some one has it by stroke of luck, he/she must be helped, not to be treated as unwanted companion. Vitiligo sufferers are as good human beings as anyone else and as efficient in their day to day working as others.
  • Vitiligo has great cosmetic value. Everyone has the desire to look smart and beautiful. After all it is our skin that people see first. It makes an impression instantly and is one of the important factors counting towards beauty. It is specially so in case of ladies who are more conscious of their facial beauty than men. The person with abnormal spots on the skin would naturally feel cut off and consciously or unconsciously may try to avoid being very social for fear of being avoided. Gradually, feelings of helplessness and mental depression may develop and might ultimately affect mental efficiency of the affected person but this does not happen to every vitiligo sufferer. Some people face the reality and stop being conscious about it. In fact this is how it should be taken and managed in addition to getting proper treatment.
  • Cosmetic value of vitiligo is more pronounced in case of young and unmarried girls. White patches on face and visible parts of the body are very likely to create lots of problems in making friends and finding a good life partner. Commencement of effective treatment in such cases becomes even more important.

If you have vitiligo, have it treated as soon as possible.

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