How Vitiligo should be treated

Vitiligo is a tedious disease that needs very careful handling. It should not be and cannot be treated by using the medicines on guess work. If it were that simple, every one would have been cured. For correct treatment, the physician must understand the mechanics involved in the treatment. This is very important. In the absence of such understanding the treatment is not very likely to succeed.

  • Since vitiligo is caused by internal disorder, it must be treated internally. It is not to be treated locally by external applications alone. It must be treated internally alongside. External applications may be used where necessary.
  • Vitiligo treatment must always be based on complete analysis of the case and overall picture of the symptoms, not name of the disease alone. This is because there are many homeopathic medicines for one disease be it vitiligo or any other ailment. Details of the symptoms are used to choose what is needed for a particular individual and eliminate what is not required.
  • Use of correct diet is very important during treatment of every disease. This factor gains lot more importance in the treatment of diseases like vitiligo, arthritis, psoriasis, and freckles etcetera. Whether someone agrees or not, it is a hard fact that if this factor of diet is ignored or if the advice on diet is incorrect or if the patient does not follow the advice, results of the treatment are likely to be very poor and the sufferers might rarely see the cure. In my opinion wrong diet means something like getting the wound dressed up and then scratching it again. If it goes on, shall the wound be cured? Think of it yourself.

Time Required for Treatment

Time required for treatment of vitiligo depends on many factors particularly on how much is the spread. While it does get cured, the process of cure takes time. There is no magic medicine that would cure vitiligo in few days or even few weeks. Both the doctor and the sufferer need to be patient. The sufferer would also need to be regular in taking the medicines and exercise strict diet control according to the advice of the doctor. Those who do not wish to do so, may not expect much benefit from the treatment even with good medicines. Permanent cure comes through proper treatment.

How we treat vitiligo

  • We at Akram Homeopathic Clinic have developed special understanding and skill of treating vitiligo after years of experience.
  • After obtaining relevant information and details, we prescribe homeopathic medicines. For our Internet patients we obtain the details through a specially designed questionnaire.
  • The prescription would contain homeopathic medicines for both oral and external use depending on the nature of the case. Homeopathic medicines that we recommend are easily available in the market.
  • We also advise diet and provide information in detail on what to eat and what to avoid.
  • Regular follow-up advice is provided if the patient so desires.

Based on this concept, we have already successfully treated number of cases of vitiligo and have full record of those cases but unfortunately there are many fake claims and testimonials floating around on Internet. One needs to be careful in choosing the treatment. You may like to visit us personally to discuss or receive the treatment.