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Psoriasis Pictures

These pictures were taken in April 2008 before the commencement of treatment and indicate how terrible psoriasis can be. Most of it was cured with homeopathic medicines except the nails, which took several months to regain normal shape.

Psoriasis may not always aggravate to this level. Such aggravated conditions however, need very careful treatment and management.

Psoriasis of legs, highly aggravated form of psoriasis

Highly aggravated form of psoriasis of legs, feet and nails. During the process of cure, the nails peeled off with dried skin painlessly and regrew later.

Psoriasis of arm, eruption in isolated spots

Spots of psoriasis on elbow and arm. Both arms were equally affected

Psoriasis of thumb nail

Thumb nail affected and deformed by psoriasis. All the nails were equally affected.

Psoriasis of palms, highly aggravated form of psoriasis of palms

Highly aggravated form of psoriasis of palms. Entire palm is affected. Skin of some portion is peeled off exposing raw surface underneath


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