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Psoriasis: Cause, Development and Treatment

What is Psoriasis?

It is a chronic skin disease characterized by silvery scales like that of fish, inflammation under the scales and intense itching. At times the itching is so severe that one feels like scratching with a knife. Scales may be dry or moist but skin under them is usually red.

In the beginning, psoritic spots are small and isolated but as they develop, they become large and expand to an extent where they join each other and look like one thick scale several inches wide. When the scales thicken, they may develop cracks which are painful and may also bleed.

How Psoriasis Develops

Psoriasis may start from any part of the body but its favorite areas are scalp, elbows, knees, lower back, palms, soles, ankles, finger or toe nails. Nails affected by psoriasis become brittle and badly deformed. Psoriasis can affect any one; it does not differentiate between a child, male or female. While the aggravation may occur during any time of the year, it usually occurs during dry-cold weather especially during weather changes. There are times when the skin worsens, then improves. Mental stress and serious emotional set back can also aggravate it.

Cause of Psoriasis

The exact cause of psoriasis is a mystery so far. One thing is certain that its cause is internal not external, whether known or not. It could be inherited but not in most cases and is actually the result of imbalance of heat and moisture in the body. The person whose pictures have been shown on psoriasis pictures page was treated on this concept. Most people do not agree with it because modern medical science does not believe it.

Psoriasis of legs, highly aggravated form of psoriasis Psoriasis of arm, eruption in isolated spots
Highly aggravated form of psoriasis of legs, feet and nails. During the process of cure, the nails peeled off with dried skin painlessly and regrew later. Spots of psoriasis on elbow and arm. Both arms were equally affected
Psoriasis of thumb nail Psoriasis of palms, highly aggravated form of psoriasis of palms
Thumb nail affected and deformed by psoriasis. All the nails were equally affected. Highly aggravated form of psoriasis of palms. Entire palm is affected. Skin of some portion is peeled off exposing raw surface underneath

Treatment of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is said to have no definite cure in traditional (allopathic) medical system. Homeopathy has good number of medicines to treat psoriasis without worrying about the cause. Psoriasis is a stubborn disease not quick to yield. In few cases it might get cured quickly but usually it can take long time for noticeable improvement, may be months or even longer depending on how deep seated it is. The person whose pictures have been shown was cured up to about 90% in about two months. Legs, palms, soles and back became nearly normal. After three months all that remained was dry skin and few isolated scaly areas on lower back, which could not be cured. These pictures belong to one person taken on the same day before treatment.

Some homeopathic medicines commonly used to treat psoriasis are Arsenicum-album, Arsenicum-iodatum, Borax, Carbolic-acid, Graphite, Hydrocotyle, Lycopodium, Kali-arsenicum, Kali-bromatum, Mercurius, Petroleum, Sepia and Sulphur et cetera. Treatment plan must include proper diet precautions or else the cure may take too long or never come at all.

After the Cure

When cured, most of the psoriatic spots leave discolored skin beneath them. Such discoloration may or may never regain the original color of the skin.