What is Psoriasis? How it develops?

What is Psoriasis? It is a chronic skin disease characterized by silvery scales like that of fish, inflammation under the scales and intense itching. At times the itching is so severe that one feels like scratching with a knife. Scales may be dry or moist but skin under them is

Psoriasis: Treatment and Diet Precautions

The very first and valid questions is, "Is psoriasis curable at all?". Traditional (allopathic) treatment system has no definite cure for psoriasis; homeopathy and herbal systems have the capability. Homeopathy has good number of medicines to treat psoriasis. With all its horrible look, psoriasis is a stubborn disease no doubt

Psoriasis Pictures

These pictures were taken in April 2008 before the commencement of treatment and indicate how terrible psoriasis can be. Most of it was cured with homeopathic medicines except the nails, which took several months to regain normal shape. Psoriasis may not always aggravate to this level. Such aggravated conditions however,