Migraine Headaches Causes, Triggers and Diagnosis

Causes of Migraine

Researchers have been trying to find the cause of migraine since long but so far the success is nowhere in sight. There are different views about the causes of migraines but none has been established with authenticity. Broadly speaking, migraine has something to do with the nerve system but what is that, is not known.

  • Some people believe it to be genetic disorder but probably

Migraine Headache: Types, Symptoms

What is migraine?

Migraine is a type of headache, which is usually intense and lasts for a few minutes to a few hours. It may last even for a day or more. It can start from any part of the head and spread to other parts or remain restricted to one part but usually begins from a specific area on one side of the head. Migraine may though sound similar… Continue reading

Migraine Risk Factors, Prevention and Self Care

Migraine Risk Factors

Migraine is quite irritating and bothersome. In severe cases migraine headache might considerably reduce the efficiency and even incapacitate the sufferer for some time. In the year 1990, a case of nearly three years standing was brought to me personally by an allopathic doctor because he had no treatment for him. The person was a male in his late twenties and an engineer by profession. He used… Continue reading

Migraine Treatments

Is migraine curable? This is always the first, most important and very valid question. Let us see what various treatment systems have to offer.

  • Modern medical system has no cure for migraine. They call it incurable. The system has nothing particular to prevent the attack of migraine. Many of the medicines used for migraine are also used for hypertension. If the migraine sufferer does not have high