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Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)

What is Hypotension?

Hypotension means the blood pressure lower than normal. In the figure given below, the area shown in black depicts the area of hypotension or low blood pressure. If systolic pressure falls below 110 mmHg and diastolic pressure falls below 70 mmHg, it will be considered as low blood pressure. This condition is found in persons of all ages, from teen age to old age. I have also frequently found it among the young adults particularly in young girls. Among such persons ailments like anemia, premature graying of hair with dryness of scalp, dryness of skin in general, vertigo, headache, weakness of vision, sneezing and subnormal body temperature may be commonly found. It may be a temporary or persistent condition.

Hypotension, low blood  pressure

Causes of hypotension

There could be many causes of low blood pressure and associated subnormal body temperature but those commonly found are:

  • Temporary hypotension:
    - Prolonged diarrhea or vomiting causing depletion of various salts from the body
    - Loss of vital fluids particularly excessive loss of blood due to any reason other than normal menstruation
    - Overwork and lack of rest may cause the blood pressure to drop temporarily
    - Fasting
  • Persistent hypotension:
    - Insufficient nutrition due to anorexia or for whatever reason
    - Side effects of incorrect and over medication
    - Prolonged use of wrong set of dietary items. Most of the sufferers are usually not even aware of this cause.

Significance of hypotension

Modern medical science does not give as much importance to hypotension as to hypertension whereas too low blood pressure can create an emergency. A person with this condition cannot be as efficient in routine life as a normal person. He/She would mostly feel tired, disinclined to work, with tendency to rest or to sleep for too long, wake up un-refreshed and become irritable. Persons with low blood pressure generally have subnormal body temperature too. Normal value of body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Centigrade). Any value below this is subnormal and should be taken care of.

Treatment of Hypotension

It may be observed from the cause(s) that hypotension is not very complicated or difficult to treat condition but modern medical system does not have medicines that could quickly raise the blood pressure and body temperature.

At home, the blood pressure can be beneficially raised by using certain herbs and spices of daily use that are already present in the kitchens. Those herbs and spices have definite medicinal value and should therefore, be used with care. One would need to know what to use, how to use and how much to use.

There are homeopathic medicines, which can raise the blood pressure and body temperature in less than 45 minutes but for lasting cure, there is a way of treating this condition. Coupled with normal philosophy of taking all the symptoms in to account and treating the person as a whole, dietary habits must also be taken care of. At the clinic, when a case of feelings of general weakness, vertigo or headache is received, the practitioner should preferably check the blood pressure, body temperature and pulse before taking other symptoms. The values of these checks give a good indication of the condition and help in selecting the dose and potency of the homeopathic medicine.