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Snoring: Causes and Treatment

What is snoring?

When the air of breath during sleep becomes excessively turbulent and causes the tissues of nose and throat to vibrate and produce a particular sound, it is called snoring. This sound can be mild or loud enough to be heard from a distance. Essentially, snoring occurs during sleep only. It is found more commonly in men than women and is very disturbing for those sleeping or just sitting in the same room.

Causes of Snoring

There can be several causes of snoring including but not limited to:

  • Anatomy of mouth and sinuses
  • Obesity
  • Mouth breathing due to blockage of nose resulting from cold or allergy
  • Over tiredness after physical fatigue
  • Habitual


Snoring may or may not be a regular feature and can occur in adults as well as children. One may snore occasionally. As soon as the cause is removed, snoring stops. For example, as soon as the cold is cured or one gets good sleep after physical fatigue, snoring stops in which case it should not be considered as ailment. If snoring is a regular feature due to first two factors, the cause ought to be removed.


Persistently disturbed or uncomfortable sleep can result in irritable behavior, lack of concentration, occasional giddiness, general lethargy and disgust. It might also disturb the normal function of major organs of the body. Loud and regular snoring can also irritate the room mate or bed partner resulting in strained relationship.

Treatment of snoring

If you know the cause, remove it. If the cause is alcoholism, obesity or your lifestyle, take care of it. If no cause can be found and the snoring is habitual, go for homeopathic treatment, which is simple and effective. Homeopathy can cure most cases of snoring. We have treated many cases of snoring at our clinic.