Hypotension Significance

What is Hypotension?

Hypotension means the blood pressure lower than normal. In the figure given below, the area shown in gray depicts the area of hypotension or low blood pressure. If systolic pressure falls below 110 mmHg and diastolic pressure falls below 70 mmHg, it will be considered as low blood pressure. Low blood pressure is found in persons of all ages, from teen age to old age. In my clinical experience, I have found that this condition exists most among the young adults particularly in young girls. Among such persons ailments like anemia, premature graying of hair with dryness of scalp, dryness of skin in general, vertigo, headache, weakness of vision, sneezing and subnormal body temperature may be commonly found.

Hypotension, low blood  pressure

Significance of hypotension

Modern medical science does not give as much importance to hypotension as to hypertension which is not right. Too low blood pressure can create an emergency. A person with this condition cannot be as efficient in routine life as a normal person. He/She would mostly feel tired, disinclined to work, with tendency to rest or to sleep for too long, wake up un-refreshed and become irritable. People with low blood pressure generally have subnormal body temperature too. Normal value of body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Centigrade). Any value below this is subnormal and should be taken care of but somehow this aspect is also not recognized by modern medical science. This condition calls for proper treatment and significant changes in the diet.