Preparation of Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathy follows a special system of preparing the medicines and raising their potency. The basic or the starting potency in homeopathy is called “Mother Tincture” if it is in liquid form, and “Mother Triturate” if it is in powder/solid form. The properties of starting potency are very close to the original drug and is not a potency in the true sense. Next potency is then prepared from this… Continue reading

Homeopathic Medicines: Safety of Medicines

It is a singular distinction of homeopathy to have used poisons for positive and curative effects on human and animal health. Homeopathic Materia Medica includes a large number of medicines prepared from most of the known poisons, including organic, inorganic, synthetic, herbal and snake poisons but that does not mean that homeopathic remedies are poisonous and harmful to take. The secret lies in the way they are prepared, potentized and… Continue reading

Homeopathic Medicines: Source Materials

Basic sources of homeopathic remedies are almost the same as of other drug systems. The difference in allopathic medicines, herbal preparations and homeopathic remedies lies in the method of preparation. However, homeopathy has some specialties that are not found in other medical systems, which makes it far more versatile covering much larger range of symptoms. There are several substances that are not used by other systems but homeopathy has used… Continue reading

Marking Homeopathic X and C Potencies

During many years of my practice, I have felt that some of us are not clear or aware of the meanings of letter "X" or "C" written with the number to indicate a potency. Most of the times (specially in email consultations) when I prescribe a 200 potency for example, and miss out writing "C" with it, I receive a question whether it is 200X or 200C. If I write… Continue reading

Selecting Homeopathic Medicine

In homeopathy, selection of medicine is based on certain principles. Few of the basic principles are summarized as under:

  • Consider the whole body as one unit
    Modern medical system considers and treats the human body in parts not as a whole and has a specialist for every organ whereas the fact is that human body always works as one integrated unit while performing any function. Since none

Homeopathic Polychrest Remedies (or Polychrests)

Homeopathy has a great treasure of medicines but some of them are more commonly used. Such remedies are called "Polychrest Remedies", "Polychrest Medicines" or simply "Polychrests" and generally range between 40 and 60 in number. There is no standard and final list of such remedies. Each practitioner makes his own list depending on the type of cases received and needs of his/her clinic. For example, if a practitioner gets more… Continue reading