Upas Tiente

also Upas Tieut

(Upas-tree – Strychnos Tiente)

Produces tonic spasms, tetanus, and asphyxia.

Disinclined for mental work. Irritable. Dull headache deep in brain.

Pain in eyes and orbits, with conjunctivitis. Dull sunken eyes. Styes.

Herpes on lips. Burning on the tongue. Pain in mouth, as from a splinter (Nit ac).

Desire increased, with loss of power. Dull backache, as after excessive coitus.

Lancinating pain… Continue reading

Uranium Nitricum

(Nitrate of Uranium)

Causes glycosuria and increased urine. Is known to produce nephritis, diabetes, degeneration of the liver, high blood pressure and dropsy. Its therapeutic keynote is great emaciation, debility and tendency to ascites and general dropsy. Backache and delayed menses. Dry mucous membranes and skin.

Ill-tempered; dull, heavy pain. Nostrils sore, with purulent, acrid discharge. Mental depression.

Lids inflamed and agglutinated; styes.

Excessive thirst; nausea… Continue reading

Urtica Urens


A remedy for agalactia and lithiasis. Profuse discharge from mucous surfaces. Enuresis and urticaria. Spleen affections. Antidotes ill-effects of eating shellfish. Symptoms return at the same time every year. Gout and uric acid diathesis. Favors elimination.

Rheumatism associated with urticaria-like eruptions. Neuritis.

Vertigo, headache with spleen pains.

Diarrhea chronic disease of large intestine characterized by large secretion of mucus.

Itching of scrotum, keeps him awake… Continue reading

Ustilago Maydis


Flabby condition of uterus. Hemorrhage. Congestion to various parts, especially at climacteric. Crusta lactea (Vioia tric).

Very depressed. Full feeling. Nervous headache from menstrual irregularities. Aching in eyeballs, with much lachrymation.

Uncontrollable masturbation. Spermatorrhea, with erotic fancies and amorous dreams. Emissions, with irresistible tendency to masturbation. Dull pain in lumbar region, with great despondency and mental irritability.

Vicarious menstruation. Ovaries burn, pain, swell. Profuse menses… Continue reading

Uva Ursi


Urinary symptoms most important. Cystitis, with bloody urine. Uterine hemorrhage. Chronic vesical irritation, with pain, tenesmus, and catarrhal discharges. Burning after the discharge of slimy urine. Pyelitis. Calculous inflammation. Dyspnea, nausea, vomiting, pulse small and irregular. Cyanosis. Urticaria without itching.

Frequent urging, with severe spasms of bladder; burning and tearing pain. Urine contains blood, pus, and much tenacious mucus, with clots in large masses. Involuntary; green urine… Continue reading


(Nosode-From vaccine matter)

Vaccine poison is capable of setting up a morbid state of extreme chronicity, named by Burnett Vaccinosis, symptoms like those of Hahnemann’s Sycosis. Neuralgias, inveterate skin eruptions, chilliness, indigestion with great flatulent distension (Clark). Whooping-cough.

Irritable, impatient ill-humored, nervous.

Frontal headache. Forehead and eyes feel as if split. Inflamed and red lids.

Hot and dry. Pimples and blotches. Eruption like variola.

Compare… Continue reading

Valeriana Officinalis

or simply Valeriana


Hysteria, over-sensitiveness, nervous affections, when apparently well-chosen remedies fail. Hysterical spasms and affections generally. Hysterical flatulency.

Changeable disposition. Feels light, as if floating in air. Over-sensitiveness (Staph). Hallucinations at night. Irritable. Tremulous.

Sensation of great coldness. Pressure in forehead. Feeling of intoxication.

Earache from exposure to draughts and cold. Nervous noises. Hyperesthesia.

Sensation as if a thread were hanging down throat… Continue reading


(The Metal)

Its action is that of an oxygen carrier and a catalyzer, hence its use in wasting diseases. Increases amount of hemoglobin, also combines its oxygen with toxines and destroys their virulence. Also increases and stimulates phagocytes. A remedy in degenerative conditions of the liver and arteries. Anorexia and symptoms of gastro intestinal irritation; albumen, casts and blood in urine. Tremors; vertigo; hysteria and melancholia; neuro-retinitis and blindness… Continue reading


(Lymph from Small-pox Pustule)

Used for "internal vaccination." Seems to be efficacious in protecting against, modifying and aiding in the cure of smallpox.

Morbid fear of small-pox. Deafness. Pain in occiput. Inflamed eyelids.

Oppressed breathing. Throat feels closed. Cough with thick viscid, bloody mucus. Feeling of a lump in right side of throat.

Relationship (Extremeties)
Excruciating backache. Aching in legs. Tired all over with restlessness. Wrists pain… Continue reading

Veratrum Album

(White Hellebore)

A perfect picture of collapse, with extreme coldness, blueness, and weakness, is offered by this drug. Post-operative shock with cold sweat on forehead, pale face, rapid, feeble pulse. Cold perspiration on the forehead, with nearly all complaints. Vomiting, purging, and cramps in extremities. The profuse, violent retching and vomiting is most characteristic. Surgical shock. Excessive dryness of all mucous surfaces. "Coprophagia" violent mania alternates with silence and… Continue reading

Veratrum Viride

(White American Hellebore)

Paroxysms of auricular fibrillation. Induces fall of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Congestions, especially to lungs, base of brain, with nausea and vomiting. Twitchings and convulsions. Especially adapted to full-blooded, plethoric persons. Great prostration. Rheumatism of heart. Bloated, livid face. Furious delirium. Effects of sunstroke. esophagitis. (Farrington). Verat vir, will raise the opsonic index against the diploccus pneumonia, 70 to 109 per cent. Congestive stage… Continue reading

Verbascum Thapsus

or simply Verbascum


Has a pronounced action on the inferior maxillary branch of the fifth pair of the cranial nerves; on the ear; and respiratory tract and bladder. Catarrhs, and colds, with periodical prosopalgia. Quiets nervous, and bronchial, and urinary irritation, and cough.

Neuralgia affecting zygoma, temporo maxillary joint, and ear (Menyanth), particularly of left side, with lachrymation, coryza, and sensation as if parts were crushed with… Continue reading