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Strychnia Phosphorica

(Phosphate of Strychnin)

This drug acts through the cerebro-spinal system upon muscles, causing twitching, stiffness, weakness and loss of power; upon circulation, producing irregularity of pulse, and upon the mind, producing lack of control, uncontrollable desire to laugh and disinclination to use the brain. Very irregular pulse. Tachycardia. Rapid and weak pulse. Useful in chorea, hysteria, acute asthenia after acute fevers. Symptoms worse motion, better rest and in open air. An excellent remedy in anemia of spinal cord; paralysis; burning, aching, and weakness of spine; pain extends to front of chest; tenderness on pressure in mid-dorsal region; cold, clammy feet; hands and axille covered with clammy perspiration. Atelectasis and break in the compensation of a hypertrophied heart; the beginning of fatty degeneration of the heart muscle (Royal).

Third trituration.

Note from Admin:
There are other preparations made from Strychninum, as given below but most commonly used remedy is Strychnia Phosphorica.

  • Strychninum Nitricum. Nitrate of Strychnine
  • Strychninum Sulphuricum. Normal Sulphate of Strychnine
  • Strych. Valerianic. Valerianate of Strychnine

Reference: "Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory" by William Boericke