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Pulex Irritans

(Common Flea)

Marked urinary and female symptoms.

Very impatient, cross, and irritable. Frontal headache, with enlarged feeling of eyes. Face wrinkled and old-looking.

Metallic taste. Sensation of a thread in throat. Thirsty, especially during headache.

Breath and taste foul. Intense nausea, with vomiting, purging, and faintness. Stool very offensive. Abdomen bloated.

Scanty with frequent urging, with pressure on bladder and burning in urethra. Flow stops suddenly followed by pain. Urine foul. Cannot retain urine; must attend to the call without delay. Irritable bladder before menses.

Menses delayed. Increased flow of saliva during. Intense burning in vagina. Leucorrhea, profuse, foul, staining a greenish yellow; stains of menses and leucorrhea very hard to wash out. Backache (Oxal ac).

Aches, weak; drawing of muscles below scapule.

Feels a glow all over, like being over steam; chilly, while sitting beside the fire.

Prickly itching. Sore spots all over. Skin emits foul odor.

Better, sitting or lying down. Worse, left side, moving about.

The higher potencies.

Reference: "Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory" by William Boericke

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