Naja Tripudians

or simply Naja (Virus of the Cobra) Naja produces a typical bulbar paralysis (L. J. Boyd). Causes no hemorrhage but only edema, hence the victims of this reptile frequently bear very little sign of external injury a small scratch or puncture being the only indication where the fangs have worked


(A chemical compound from Coal-tar; Tar Camphor) Coryza, hay-fever, phthisis pulmonalis, also gonorrhea have been influenced favorably by this drug. Pyelonephritis. Irritation of the periphery of the urinary apparatus. Whooping-cough. Head Lying as if stupefied by a narcotic. Restless. Face pale yellowish hue. Eyes Marked affinity for the eye. It

Narcissus Pseudonarcissus

or simply Narcissus (Daffodil) Symptoms of nausea followed by violent vomiting and diarrhea. Daffodil bulbs contain an alkaloid the action of which, according to authorities, varies as to whether the alkaloid is extracted from the flowering bulb or from the bulb after flowering. Thus in the former case the alkaloid

Natrum Arsenicum

(Arseniate of Sodium) A remedy for nasal catarrh, with headache, pain at root of nose, dry and painful eyes. Psoriasis (Ars; Chrysoph ac; Thyroid). Bronchitis of children over seven years. Facilitates the termination of the cold and conserves strength and appetite (Cartier). Head Floating sensation on turning head quickly; aching

Natrum Carbonicum

(Carbonate of Sodium) All the Natrums stimulate cellular activity and increase oxidation and metabolism. Great debility caused by summer heat; chronic effects of sunstroke; exhaustion; anemic; milky, watery skin; very weak ankles, are all peculiar Natrum carbonicum conditions. Mind Unable to think; difficult, slow comprehension. Mental weakness and depression; worries;

Natrum Chloratum

Also called Natrum Hypochlorosum (Labarraque’s Solution) In congested and atonic states of the uterus and its ligaments, with hepatic disorders. Chronic catarrhal diseases of the middle ear. Flabby, debilitated constitution. Both hands swollen in morning. Phlegmatic. Depressed, faint. Head Vertigo, with aching across forehead. Swimming feeling, as if top of

Natrum Muriaticum

(Chloride of Sodium, common salt) The prolonged taking of excessive salt causes profound nutritive changes to take place in the system, and there arise not only the symptoms of salt retention as evidenced by dropsies and edemas, but also an alteration in the blood causing a condition of anemia and

Natrum Nitricum

(Nitrate of Sodium) A Rademacherian remedy for inflammations. Hemoptysis. Hematuria. Purpura hemorrhagica. Hemorrhagic Variola. Drowsiness. Pains of tabes. Influenza. Hemoglobinuria. Uric acid diathesis. Asthma with urine supersaturated with solids. Anemia and hydremia. Exhaustion, must rest frequently when walking. Head Dull. Indisposed to mental and bodily exertion. Pressing inward pain. Otalgia.

Natrum Phosphoricum

(Phosphate of Sodium) Natrum phosphoricum is the remedy for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid, often resulting from too much sugar. Ailments, with excess of acidity. Sour eructations and taste. Sour vomiting. Yellow, creamy coating at the back of the roof of mouth and tongue. Inflammation of any part

Natrum Salicylicum

(Salicylate of Sodium) Has an extensive range of action affecting the head, ear, throat, kidneys and liver and on metabolism. Hemorrhages, especially epistaxis. Produces marked effects upon the internal ear, with vertigo, deafness, noises in ears and loss of bone conduction, hence, its use in Meniere’s disease. One of the

Natrum Sulphuricum

(Sulphate of Sodium-Glauber’s Salt) A liver remedy, especially indicated for the so-called hydrogenoid constitution, where the complaints are such as are due to living in damp houses, basements, cellars. They are worse in rainy weather, water in any form. Feels every change from dry to wet; cannot even eat plants


(Metallic Nickel) Periodical nervous sick headaches, with asthenopia, weak digestion, constipation. Catarrh. Suits debilitated, nervous, literary patients, with frequent headaches, dyspepsia and constipation. Head Cracking in cervical vertebre when moving the head. Pain on top as from a nail. Pressure on vertex, in morning; worse till noon and in warm