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Kali Silicatum

also Kali Silicicum

(Silicate of Potash)

A deep-acting remedy. Lassitude is very marked. Desire to lie down all the time. Emaciation.

Absent-minded, anxious, indolent, timid. Feeble will power. Head congested, blood surges from body to head. Vertigo, coldness of head; photophobia. Nasal catarrh, discharge bloody, excoriating, offensive nose, swollen, ulcerated.

Weight in stomach after eating, nausea, pain, flatulence. Pain in liver region. Constipation. Constriction of anus during stool.

Stiffness over body and limbs. Creeping sensation over limbs. Twitching of muscles. Weak and weary.

Worse, open air, drafts, cold, exertion, motion uncovering, bathing.

Higher potencies.

(Reference: Homeopathic Materia Medica by William Boericke)