Haematoxylon Campechianum

or simply Haematoxylon (Logwood) Sense of constriction is characteristic. Sensation as if a bar lay across chest. Angina pectoris. Head Feels constricted; heavy, hot. Eyelids heavy. Stomach Painful digging from abdomen to throat, causing pain in region of heart with oppression. Colic, tympanitis. Borborygmi and diarrhea. Swollen, painful. Chest Constriction,

Hamamelis Virginiana

or simply Hamamelis (Witch-hazel) Venous congestion, hemorrhages, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids, with bruised soreness of affected parts, seem to be the special sphere of this remedy. Acts upon the coats of the veins causing relaxation with consequent engorgement. Passive venous hemorrhages from any part. Great value in open, painful wounds,

Hedeoma Pulegioides

or simply Hedeoma (Pennyroyal) Female symptoms are most marked; usually associated with nervous disturbances. Red sand in urine. Pain along ureter. Flatulent colic. Antidotes effects of Poison-oak (Grindelia). Head Dull, heavy feeling in morning. Sore pain, as from a cut. Weak, faint; better, lying down. Stomach Gastritis. Everything taken into

Hekla Lava

Hecla Lava (Lava Scorie from Mt. Hecla) Marked action upon the jaws. Of great use in exostosis, gum abscess, difficult teething. Nodosities, caries of bone, etc. Osteitis, periostitis, osteosarcoma; rachitis. Tumors in general. Bone necrosis. Necrosis and sinus after mastoid operation. Face Ulceration of nasal bones. Facial neuralgia from carious

Helleborus Niger

or simply Helleborus (Snow-rose) Produces a condition of sensorial depression. Sees, hears, tastes imperfectly, and general muscular weakness, which may go on to complete paralysis, accompanied by dropsical effusions. Hence, a remedy in low states of vitality and serious disease. Characteristic aggravation from 4 to 8 pm (Lycop). Sinking sensation.


(Gila Monster) The result of the bite is a benumbing paralysis like paralysis agitans or locomotor ataxia. There is no tetanic phase-a condition almost reverse in objective symptoms to Hydrocy acid or Strychnia. The most unusual action of the drug is noted upon the eye of the mouse. The eyeball

Helonias Dioica

or simply Helonias (Unicorn-root) Sensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the sacrum and pelvis, with great languor and prostration, are excellent indications for this remedy. There is a sensitiveness expressed as a consciousness of a womb. Tired, backachy females. The weakness shows itself also in a tendency to prolapse

Hepar Sulphur Calcareum

or simply Hepar Sulphur (Hahnemann’s Calcium Sulphide) Suits especially scrofulous and lymphatic constitutions who are inclined to have eruptions and glandular swellings. Unhealthy skin. Blondes with sluggish character and weak muscles. Great sensitiveness to all impressions. Sweating patient pulling blanket around him. Locally, it has special affinity to the respiratory


(Gladerine-mallein-Farcine) This powerful nosode introduced by Dr. J. J. Garth Wilkinson, covers symptoms which suggest integral parts of consumption, cancer, syphilis, etc, and promises useful service in the treatment of ozena, scrofulous swellings, pyemia, erysipelas. Chronic rhinitis; saneous secretion. Nose Red, swollen. Catarrh, ozena, ulceration. Discharge acrid, corroding, bloody, offensive.

Hippuric Acidum

(Proved by Dr. Wm. B. Griggs) Its chief action is on the external tissues of the eyes and naso-pharynx joint surfaces, liver and mucous membranes. Right side especially affected, general muscular soreness. Head Pain over right eye, dull, constant, worse in warm room. Eyelids inflamed and swollen. Throat Sore, raw,

Hydrangea Arborescens

or simply Hydrangea (Seven-barks) A remedy for gravel, profuse deposit of white amorphous salts in urine. Calculus, renal colic, bloody urine. Acts on ureter. Pain in lumbar region. Dizziness. Oppression of chest. Urine Burning in urethra and frequent desire. Urine hard to start. Heavy deposit of mucus. Sharp pain in

Hydrastis Canadensis

or simply Hydrastis (Golden Seal) Acts especially on mucous membranes, relaxing them and producing a thick, yellowish, ropy secretion. The catarrh may be anywhere,-throat, stomach, uterus, urethra,-it is always characterized by this peculiar mucous discharge. Hydrastis is especially active in old, easily-tired people, cachectic individuals, with great debility. Cerebral effects