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Fragaria Vesca and Fraciscea Uniflora

Fragaria Vesca

or simply Fragaria


Acts on digestion and mesenteric glands. Prevents formation of calculi, removes tartar from teeth and prevents attacks of gout. The fruit has refrigerant properties. Strawberries produce symptoms of poisoning in certain susceptible individuals, such as urticarial rashes (strawberry anaphylaxis). Here give Fragaria high potency.

Chilblains; worse during hot weather. Lack of mammary secretion. Psilosis (Spruce).

Tongue swollen; strawberry tongue.

Urticaria; petechial and erysipelatous eruptions. Swelling of whole body.

Compare: Apis. Calcarea.

(Reference: Homeopathic Materia Medica by William Boericke)


Fraciscea Uniflora

or simply Fraciscea


Chronic stiffness of the muscles. Gonorrheal rheumatism. Syphilis and rheumatism, great heat over body, much aching, better sweat. Pain in back of head and spine; band-like feeling around head. Pericarditis with rheumatism. Rheumatic pains in feet and lower part of legs. Urine contains uric acid.

Tincture of Fluid Extract 10 to 60 minims.

(Reference: Homeopathic Materia Medica by William Boericke)