Cuprum Arsenitum

(Arsenite of Copper-Scheele’s Green)

A remedy for symptoms depending on deficient kidney action, various intestinal affections, cholera morbus and infantum; entero-colitis, diarrhoa, and dysentery. Gastro-intestinal disturbances of influenza and typhoid. Uremic convulsions, headache, vertigo and unconscious conditions resulting from brain odema. Nephritis of pregnancy. Convulsions preceded by gastro-intestinal symptoms. Chlorosis. Bronchial asthma and with emphysema. Purulent endocarditis (Royal). Painful neuroses, enteroptosis. Delirium and tremor cordis.

Tongue thickly coated, dirty brown, white, metallic taste; thirst. Dry mouth.

Cardiac rhythm and force altered due to defective elimination.

Gastro-enteritis. Violent abdominal pain. Diarrhoa in phthisis. Cholera (Ars; Verat; Camph). Rumbling and sharp cutting pain. Dark liquid stools.

Persistent lameness. Pain in lumbar region and in lower left shoulder-blade; chest feels tight.

Renal inefficiency and uremia. Garlicky odor. Diabetes. Urine of high specific gravity; increased, acetones and diacetic acid.

Perspiration of scrotum; is constantly damp and moist. Boils on scrotum. Purulent discharge of a white color from urethra; tingling and burning in urethra; pain in prostate; pains in penis.

Cramps in calves of legs, worse after midnight, only relieved by getting out of bed and standing. Ulcers; gangrene.

Icy cold. Sweat, and skin even when dry. Cold, clammy perspiration of an intermittent nature. Acne, pustules on face and in the cruro-genital region; ulcers look like chancre. Gangrene; carbuncles.

Third trituration.

Reference: “Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory” by William Boericke