(A nosode from Carcinoma)

It is claimed the Carcinosin acts favorably and modifies all cases in which either a history of carcinoma can be elicited, or symptoms of the disease itself exist (J. H. Clarke, M. D).

Carcinoma of the mammary glands with great pain and induration of glands; of uterus, the offensive discharge, hemorrhage and pain are greatly relieved.

Indigestion, accumulation of gas in stomach and bowels; rheumatism-Cancerous cachexia.

Compare: Bufo; Conium; Phytolacca, Asterias.

Thirtieth and 200th potency, a dose at night or less frequently.

Reference: “Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory” by William Boericke
(Carcinomin. The nosode of Carcinoma.)

Clinical.─Cancer Melancholia. Worms.

Characteristics.─This is one of the principal nosodes of cancer, and is one of Dr. Burnett’s preparations. I use it more frequently than any other as a diathesic remedy. Burnett had a number of different cancer preparations, and followed his instinct largely in their use and selection. In addition to Scirrhinum, of which I have given an account in the Dictionary, he had a preparation which he named Durum (a Latinised form of Scirrhinum, as I take it). This he used in treating depraved inherited conditions in children, such as infantile self-abuse, with good effects, which I have confirmed. I have met with a suicidal tendency in several cancer patients, so that the cancer nosodes may be appropriate in many mental cases, especially where the heredity points that way.

Relations.─Compare: Scirrhinum.

Reference: “A Dictionary Of Practical Materia Medica” By John Henry Clarke