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Blatta Orientalis

(Indian Cockroach)

A remedy for asthma. Especially when associated with bronchitis. Indicated after arsenic when this is insufficient.

Cough with dyspnea in bronchitis and phthisis. Acts best in stout and corpulent patients. Much pus-like mucus.

Lowest potencies during an attack. After the spasm, for the remaining cough, use the higher. Stop with improvement to prevent return of aggravation.

Reference: "Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory" by William Boericke

Blatta Orientalis
(Indian cockroach. N. O. Orthoptera. Trituration of live insect.)

Clinical.Asthma. Bronchitis. Phthisis.

Characteristics.Found accidentally to relieve asthma in a patient who took tea in which a beetle had been infused; it has since proved to have a wide range in asthmatic cases (Ray, Hom. Recorder, 1890, p. 254; 1891, p. 193). In the acute attack it acts better in low potencies; the higher being given in the more chronic stages. It is especially suited to corpulent people; and to malarial cases; cases < in rainy weather. Has saved cases in which suffocation was threatened by great accumulation of mucus. Useful in cases of bronchitis and phthisis where there is much dyspnoa.

Reference: "A Dictionary Of Practical Materia Medica" By John Henry Clarke

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