The Three Miasms: Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis

According to the philosophy of homeopathy there are three miasms namely Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis that are responsible for chronic diseases. There has been lot of discussion about the concept and eradication of the three. One opinion is that they are of genetic origin and cannot be eradicated while the other is that they are not inherited and can be got rid of permanently.

In Aphorism 78 of “Organon of Medicine”, Sixth Edition Hahnemann said:

“The true natural chronic diseases are those that arise from a chronic miasm, which when left to themselves, and unchecked by the employment of those remedies that are specific for them, always go on increasing and growing worse, notwithstanding the best mental and corporeal regimen, and torment the patient to the end of his life with ever aggravated sufferings. These, excepting those produced by medical malpractice (ยค 74), are the most numerous and greatest scourges of the human race; for the most robust constitution, the best regulated mode of living and the most vigorous energy of the vital force are insufficient for their eradication.”

Let us look at these miasms from another angle and see why "the best regulated mode of living and the most vigorous energy of the vital force are insufficient for their eradication" and why the best homeopathic medicines also cannot eradicate the miasms permanently.

I understand the three miasms as three conditions (or groups or whatever name you might like to give them) that have always existed since the time God created life upon earth. All three of them are permanent in nature. According to one concept that I too believe, the three miasms or conditions are related to three main systems of the body as under:

  • Psora is related with Acidic condition that belongs to the muscles
  • Syphilis is related with Saline condition that belongs to the Glands and
  • Sycosis is related with Alkaline condition that belongs to the Nerves

Every human being needs to eat and drink to live. Each item that we take is either acidic, saline or alkaline and therefore, has a corresponding effect on our bodies. This effect can never be avoided like eating and drinking cannot be avoided. So one of the conditions that is acidic, saline or alkaline will always exist in our bodies meaning thereby that each one of us belongs to at least one of the three conditions. Diet also affects the quantity of heat and moisture in our bodies.

Each of the three miasms or conditions has certain diseases associated with it. When a particular condition (any of the three) exists in the body, the person would be prone to one or more of the diseases belonging to that condition. Apparently a person might be healthy but actually he/she will have one of the miasms/conditions working inside that would become evident at some stage of the life and come out as disease. Some diseases in every miasm or condition are curable but some are not. Even if a disease is cured, that does not cure the related miasm, which continues to stay with the person. Thus, if by some means the person is moved to another miasm/condition, the diseases belonging to previous miasm/condition (if not chronic) are likely to go away but he/she will become prone to the diseases of the new condition because the person will still be in one of the conditions and have one of the three miasms. At times however, the symptoms/diseases of two miasms get mixed up making the situation very complicated and nearly incurable. That means that a person cannot be totally healthy with no disease at all. Nature has created the conditions in a way that sooner or later the hidden disease springs up and becomes the cause of death.

The diet also affects the level of heat and moisture in the body. Different combinations of the two create different health conditions. This aspect might not be recognized by modern medical science but is a reality. Take the example of water; does it not affect moisture content in the body? So is the case with every eatable. Some items increase the warmth in the body while some decrease it. In my opinion, both have a direct relationship with miasms as follows:

  • Dry-Cold and Dry-Warm: Psora
  • Cold-Wet and Wet-Warm: Sycosis
  • Warm-Dry and Warm-Wet: Syphilis

One the three conditions will always exist no matter where we live and what living conditions we might create for ourselves. From the climatic point of view I call these conditions as climatic conditions of the body. If we look at the atmosphere we live in, some climatic condition has to be there for us. We can never get rid of it and live without a climate. After diet, climate is one very important factor that affects our physical bodies directly that can never be avoided. Quantity of heat and moisture in the body is affected by the climate, which further affects our physical bodies and mental states. For example, inhabitants of cold-moist climate are comparatively more cool-minded and tolerant as compared to the people living permanently in dry-hot or hot-dry climates.

Thus the basic factors responsible to create a particular condition (miasm) in our physical bodies are diet and climate. At times these factors might temporarily modify a miasm/condition but do not completely change or eradicate a miasm/condition.

I therefore conclude that permanent eradication of miasms is possible only if you can live without eating and drinking and a climatic condition, which is obviously impossible. Therefore, it is humanly impossible to eradicate Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis or whatever name you might give them. These conditions will continue to exist and remain the cause of destruction of the body organs/systems resulting in death.