Human Thoughts and Sickness

Health and sickness are part of human life. We all fall sick at one time or the other and nearly always go for medical treatment. We also try to find the cause through various medical tests, which are mostly physical in nature but we seldom review our thought pattern, life style and emotional state.

It is a well known fact that human mind directly affects functioning of the physical body. The effects are according to nature of thoughts that persist in the mind. Do you know that many diseases are the result of negative thought pattern and behavior? The cause of sickness might be external or internal but not always physical in nature. The toxins responsible for ailments can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature and affect the health in different ways, which might not be detectable through customary laboratory tests. Please know that complaining minds and negative thoughts always do lot of damage to both physical and mental health without exception. It is not possible to have positive output with negative input. Nature rewards according to our input whatever that might be – and one can never deceive the nature.

If you are frequently falling sick for some unknown reason, review your thoughts and behavior. You might be attracting and accumulating negative energy around yourself. Analyze yourself and make modifications, if required.