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Homeopathic Treatment of Acute and Chronic Diseases
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Understanding Homeopathic Treatment and Cure Time

Homeopathy is very different to allopathy, herbal or any other healing system. The philosophy, concepts, method of preparation of medicines and way of treatment are all different. If the patient understands the system, it becomes easier for him/her and also the homeopath to manage the treatment more efficiently and that too without attaching undue and unrealistic expectations.

The first thing to understand about homeopathy is that it does not go by name of the disease except in very few exceptions like injuries and fresh burns etc. If you already have the disease diagnosed, it is not a bad idea to let your homeopath know but it still does not solve the problem. If for example, you tell the homeopath that you have sore throat, it is not enough because there are over 150 homeopathic medicines listed in various Materia Medicas that work for sore throat with different symptoms and modalities. The practitioner obviously cannot pick up any of those and give it to you. He/She has to reach a single medicine according to your unique symptoms and modalities. So is the case with Migraine, Asthma, Arthritis, Angina Pectoris and nearly all the other diseases no matter which organ of the body they belong to. Lot of details, questioning and answering is required to enable the practitioner to choose the most suitable remedy. So when you go to a homeopathic practitioner, give out maximum possible details. Deliberately hiding the symptoms is not a smart option because it would only contribute towards failure of the treatment.

Everyone naturally wants quick cure but it is not always possible. Acute diseases generally get cured quickly but most of the chronic diseases don't. Cure time depends on many factors including but not limited to severity of disease, cause of disease, regularity in treatment, suitability of treatment, patient's response and diet precautions etc. Diseases like psoriasis, vitiligo, arthritis, asthma, ulcer and hepatitis etc don't yield easily. Although miraculous cures do occur at times, it is unrealistic to expect over night cure. One should a practitioner wisely and then stick to him/her to a reasonable length of time.