Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS

A simple study of hepatitis would reveal that Hepatitis B, C, D and E are quite dangerous but somehow hepatitis is not given as much importance. I consider it nearly as dangerous as HIV/AIDS. Let us draw a short comparison.

  • Causes of spread of hepatitis are more than what they are for HIV/AIDS. Hepatitis spreads rather more easily.
  • Like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, D and E have no protective vaccine. Only hepatitis B has it.
  • Virus of hepatitis B, C, D and E can remain dormant for years without causing complications exactly as HIV may not necessarily develop in to AIDS.
  • At times the body itself can clear out the virus in cases of both HIV and hepatitis but in most cases, the disease does advance.
  • Like AIDS, Hepatitis B, D and E have no treatment in modern medical systems. The system has the treatment for Hepatitis C but the rate of cure is not very encouraging.
  • Set of symptoms is though different but hepatitis can very well lead to liver cancer.
  • Hepatitis and AIDS are both fatal diseases and have many similar symptoms.

The cause of HIV is always external infection whereas virus of hepatitis can generate itself within the body even without external infection. This can be explained by considering the example of food becoming stale. Have you ever thought from where does the bacteria/virus come in to the food when it becomes stale? Does that come from outside or does that produce itself within the food? Somewhat similar phenomenon can also occur in certain areas of the human body as result of prolonged use of specific dietary items that can provide suitable ground for the virus to produce itself, grow and multiply. If a person with a specific constitution continues to use such diet, there are chances that he will develop hepatitis sooner or later even without external infection. This concept is not recognized by modern medical science but the fact is that this can happen in case of hepatitis. This is probably one of the reasons of increase in occurrence of hepatitis even with good hygiene and other protective measures.

Even though there seems lot of similarity of symptoms in hepatitis and AIDS after initial stages and during final stages, treatment of the two diseases is very different to each other. Like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, D and E are not considered curable by modern medical system. There are also reservations about the efficacy of alternative medicine whereas hepatitis and AIDS can actually be cured through homeopathy before it reaches the last stage. Once it has advanced to the last stage, it becomes incurable.

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