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General Health Tips - Part 1

Human being, be it male or female has always craved to look healthy and beautiful. The desire is inbuilt. Use of various means including ornaments of kinds has been going on since thousands of years. People are though concerned with beauty of entire skin, overall health and physical fitness but most of the attention generally goes to facial beauty. After all it is our face that people see first. Thus facial make-up to have a glowing, luminescent and attractive skin has left no stone unturned. All sorts of expensive cosmetic stuff like lotions, creams, powders, foundations, vitamins, supplements, hormone injections, hair dying products and what and what not have flooded the market. There are countless beauty clinics all over the world busy in providing advice and practical services to make the faces look attractive. Billions of dollars are being spent all over the world just on beauty products. Looking for beauty tips, which can be found in abundance in magazines, books and over Internet is no longer considered unusual.

While both men and women wish to look young, the desire is more pronounced in females. No one wants to have wrinkled skin and look aged. Looking young by artificial means has put the natural means in the backyards. Good health is no longer a measure for beauty. Those who still believe in natural means still have better health and shiny skins. They don't put on wrinkles as quickly. They don't have to worry about make-up before going out. I have seen fair complexioned persons with not a spot or wrinkle on the skin but still giving a sickly look. I have also come across persons who cannot dream of going out without make-up and those having nothing artificial on their faces but still giving a healthy look, a natural glow and an indefinably attractive skin. I could feel "life" on their faces. This is in fact the real beauty irrespective of complexion.

I attribute dependency on artificial means to diversion from natural life. Most of us have divorced natural and fresh food. We are now more used to stuffing our refrigerators with cooked food and fresh vegetables and fruits to be used later when they are no longer naturally fresh. The life style has changed to the extent wherein this practice has become nearly unavoidable. No one has time to buy fresh stuff every day. Refrigeration may keep the foodstuff fresh in scientific terms but there is something beyond the scientific concept too. We have also become used to Colas and fast food and sticking to a few easy-to-use items. Net result is that we are no longer as healthy and our skins are no more an indicator of good health. We have dragged ourselves in to artificiality all around us and forced ourselves to use of cosmetics.

General Health Tips - Part 2