Do Not Drink Cold Water

Most people like to drink cold water especially during summers. Their normal meals usually end up with a glass of cold water, a bottle of Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola etc. This is mostly for the taste and enjoyment not giving the least thought to what cold water or chilled drink does.

Use of cold water soon after the meals increases the chances of indigestion. It solidifies the fats in the food and also draws energy from the body to rise to body temperature. Basic purpose of drinking water is to maintain moisture level in the body. The water does so whether cold or hot. If it is warm, it will perform the same function without causing problems. Apart from the logic, it has been proved even scientifically that taking cold water after the meals is harmful for the heart, stomach and general health.

Normal temperature of our body is 37 degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature the body function is optimum. More than this is considered as fever while less than this reduces the working efficiency by inducing general weakness. For better health, temperature inside the body must remain normal or else many troubles start brewing underneath and show up at some stage.

Drinking warm water is not enjoyable, I agree but I also insist that good health is more important than enjoying soothing effects of cold water. If you can develop the habit of drinking warm water in all seasons, you will not only minimize the risk of heart attack but also preclude many problems with your digestive system. The benefits of drinking warm water are not restricted to just heart and stomach. It is the whole body that benefits. Developing this habit would take some time but try it for few weeks and feel the results. Remember that your health primarily depends on your dietary habits, on what you eat and drink.

I also strongly recommend that one should not take a full glass of water immediately after the meal. A glassful will not let the stomach do what it should and rather hinder correct digestion. Generally, one quarter to half a glass of warm water should be enough. After an hour or two, you can drink as much as you like but not cold water. Warm it up to at least room temperature before you take.