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Burns and Scalds

Burns usually take place accidentally and suddenly, when one is neither expecting it nor prepared for it. Mostly, the first aid is also not available at the spot and the patients have to be evacuated to the hospitals. By the time the treatment is given, major damage is already done. Therefore, there is a need to know more about it.

The degree of severity may vary depending upon what has caused the burns and for how long. Mild burns generally affect only the skin whereas severe burns may also damage the glands and even the muscles and bones. Mild burns may only leave the skin discolored or slightly deformed but severe burns may deform the limbs.

In most cases of severe burns, thick keloids are formed over the affected area. After the keloids have been formed and the deformities have set in, it does not remain easy to restore the original shape of the affected skin. It therefore, becomes imperative to prevent the deformities and distortions.

Treatment of Burns and Scalds

Homeopathy has a number of medicines in the shelf to treat mild as well as severe burns. Some of such medicines are used locally and are very effective but the most important factor is time. Delay in commencement of the treatment can cause complications.


It is one of the top homeopathic medicines used for treatment of the burns. Here Q is the symbol for potency of this medicine and denotes Mother Tincture. This symbol is used and understood internationally. The medicine is in liquid form and is to be converted into a lotion before use. This lotion is only for external use and can be easily prepared and kept in a bottle readily available at home, at work place and even in the car.

Method of use

Prepare the lotion from Cantharis-Q by adding one part of the medicine to nine parts of plain water (this 1:9 is the bookish ratio) and wet the burnt area with it. A stronger lotion up to the ratio 1:5 may also be used depending on the requirement. It can be applied 2 to 3 times a day depending on severity of the case. General effects of this application are reduction in pain and burning sensation. Regular application till the wounds completely heal up, considerably prevents formation of keloids and deformation of the skin. If the burns are mild, even discoloration may not take place. However, this is not the replacement for proper medical treatment and may be used as first aid only.

If the lotion is not to be used immediately but is to be kept ready for use, distilled water should preferably be used instead of ordinary tap water, for longer shelf life.

To speed up the healing process, other suitable homeopathic medicines must be used internally alongside.

It must be remembered however, that once the burns become old and the wounds appear to be healed up, commencing the use of this application at this stage may not be of much benefit. This lotion may not be expected to remove already formed keloids.

Treatment of Keloids

Homeopathy has numerous medicines including Graphite and Silicea to treat keloids. However, treatment takes long time depending on size of the keloids.