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Homeopathy Articles, Tips and Advice

  1. Acidic Foodstuff, Harmful Effects of Coca-Cola etc.
    Excessive and frequent use of acidic foodstuff creates harmful effects that appear in the long run [...]
  2. Burns and Scalds, Prevention and Treatment of Keloids
    Timely treatment of burns, scalds can minimize the damage. Homeopathy treatment can help in quicker healing, prevention and even treatment of keloids, deformity of skin and [...]
  3. Diet Precautions, Importance of Correct Diet
    Use of correct diet is important to avoid aggravation of diseases while incorrect diet can hinder the process of cure. This is applicable to nearly all the diseases and conditions [...]
  4. Do Not Drink Cold Water
    Use of cold water soon after meals increases chances of indigestion and heart attack. It solidifies fats in food and also draws energy from body to rise to body temperature [...]
  5. General Health Tips for Natural Health and Fitness - Part 1
    Human being be it male or female has always craved to look healthy and beautiful. There are innumerable beauty clinics all over the world providing advice and practical services [...]
  6. General Health Tips for Natural Health and Fitness - Part 2
    There are many things that can be done for better health and fitness. Good eating habits, natural life style and physical exercise are important for health and fitness [...]
  7. Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS - Which is more dangerous?
    A simple study of hepatitis would reveal that Hepatitis B, C, D and E are quite dangerous but somehow hepatitis is not given as much importance as HIV/AIDS [...]
  8. Homeopathic Constitutional Remedy
    The factors making up the human constitution keep changing and affect every person differently. Therefore body chemistry of every person is unique. Emotional and mental states also differ with every individual and are far more fluid than the physical state. When we talk of health, we generally refer to the physical health giving far too less importance to emotional and mental health. In homeopathy, it is [...]
  9. Asthma: Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma
    The symptoms of asthma differ from individual to individual and aggravate or become better under different conditions. The conditions or factors that aggravate asthmatic conditions are called triggers. There are numerous homeopathic medicines that are [...]
  10. Homeopathic Treatment and Cure Time
    Cure time depends on many factors including but not limited to severity of disease, cause of disease, regularity in treatment, suitability of treatment, patient's response and diet precautions etc.
  11. Concept of Human Constitution
    The human being is made up of two parts, namely physical and non-physical. Physical part is the one that relates to the physical body, physical senses and dimensions. Non-physical part is the one that comprises of emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. In homeopathy, the constitution of a human being is [...]
  12. Pulse: Checking Your Pulse - General Rules/Guidelines
    It is important that pulse is checked correctly otherwise the answer might be misleading. Make sure that fingers are placed correctly at correct location. Helpful guidelines to check pulse [...]
  13. Pulse: Human Pulse Facts
    Term pulse refers to vibrations in radial artery of wrist and can be used for diagnosis. Pulse can be checked by human fingers or electronic instruments [...]
  14. Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis
    The question is that "Are the three miasms Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis inherited, what are the factors making up the miasms and is it possible to eradicate them permanently?" A view point...
  15. Sleep Disorders, Sleeplessness, Insomnia: Tip from Chromotherapy
    Sleep disorders of various types can be cured by different healing systems including homeopathy and chromotherapy. Homeopathy has many medicines for various conditions of insomnia [...]
  16. Gallstones: Homeopathic Treatment
    Modern medical science treats gallstones through surgery. In fact whole gall bladder is removed and with that go the stones. Other treatment systems including homeopathy and herbal systems try to expel them through use of medicines [...]
  17. Using Coffee During Homeopathic Treatment
    There are different views on using coffee during homeopathic treatment. One view is that it would antidote the homeopathic medicine and must be avoided during homeopathic treatment while there is an opposite view as well. Both views must have some logic in support. Another point of view is to avoid coffee to be on the safer side, which sounds better. In fact use of coffee depends on nature of [...]
  18. Using Herbs and Spices for Treatment
    Spices, herbs and minerals are generally used in food to add flavor and taste but they have definite medicinal value and can be effectively used for treatment [...]
  19. Using Natrum Muriaticum for Blood Pressure
    Natrum Muriaticum is Latin name of Chloride of Sodium, which is actually common edible salt. Like all other homeopathic medicines, lower and higher potencies of Natrum Muriaticum too have effects opposite to each other. It is used for hypotension as well as hypertension in lower and higher potencies [...]
  20. Using Phosphoric Acid (Phosphoricum Acidum)
    As the name goes, this medicine is prepared from Phosphoric Acid and obviously acidic in nature. Every homeopathic Materia Medica mentions in detail the symptoms associated with this medicine. There are lots of ailments where this medicine [...]