Harmful Effects of Acidic Foodstuff, Coca-Cola etc.

In the changed lifestyle, use of fast food especially burgers, bakery items, Coca-Cola and other similar drinks has increased tremendously. Such aerated drinks and beverages have become perhaps the most popular drinks especially among the youngsters. I have come across certain families who never let the stock of soft drinks exhaust in their homes. There is hardly a party to be seen without Colas or other similar drinks. Most of… Continue reading

Burns and Scalds

Burns usually take place accidentally and suddenly, when one is neither expecting it nor prepared for it. Mostly, the first aid is also not available at the spot and the patients have to be evacuated to the hospitals. By the time the treatment is given, major damage is already done. Therefore, there is a need to know more about it.

The degree of severity may vary depending upon what… Continue reading

Diet Precautions – Watch Your Diet

Food is our lifeline. It is one of the important things that we live on. Whatever we eat or drink affects us directly according to its basic nature. Practically, while choosing the food main focus of attention generally goes to the taste with little or no consideration to its nutritional value and other effects that it can produce. Factually it is not just the food value; there is much more… Continue reading

Do Not Drink Cold Water

Most people like to drink cold water especially during summers. Their normal meals usually end up with a glass of cold water, a bottle of Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola etc. This is mostly for the taste and enjoyment not giving the least thought to what cold water or chilled drink does.

Use of cold water soon after the meals increases the chances of indigestion. It solidifies the fats in the… Continue reading

General Health Tips – Part 1

Human being, be it male or female has always craved to look healthy and beautiful. The desire is inbuilt. Use of various means including ornaments of kinds has been going on since thousands of years. People are though concerned with beauty of entire skin, overall health and physical fitness but most of the attention generally goes to facial beauty. After all it is our face that people see first. Thus… Continue reading

General Health Tips – Part 2

There are many things that need to be or can be done for better health and fitness. This article offers general tips and advice about life style and eating habits. It is not just the chemistry of the food that matters. Good eating habits include several other aspects that need to be considered for better health. The least we can do is use Continue reading

Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS

A simple study of hepatitis would reveal that Hepatitis B, C, D and E are quite dangerous but somehow hepatitis is not given as much importance. I consider it nearly as dangerous as HIV/AIDS. Let us draw a short comparison. Is it that causes of spread of hepatitis are more than what they are for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis spreads rather more easily? Continue reading

Homeopathic Constitutional Remedy

There are two types of human constitutions namely, genetic and acquired (discussed in another article). The factors making up the human constitution keep changing and affect every person differently. Therefore body chemistry of every person is unique. Emotional and mental states also differ with every individual and are far more fluid than the physical state. When we talk of health, we generally refer to the physical health giving far… Continue reading

Understanding Homeopathic Treatment and Cure Time

Homeopathy is very different to allopathy, herbal or any other healing system. The philosophy, concepts, method of preparation of medicines and way of treatment are all different. If the patient understands the system, it becomes easier for him/her and also the homeopath to manage the treatment more efficiently and that too without attaching undue and unrealistic expectations.

The first thing to understand about homeopathy is that it does not… Continue reading

Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma

The symptoms of asthma differ from person to person and aggravate or become better under different conditions. The conditions or factors that cause asthmatic attack to begin are called triggers. There are numerous homeopathic medicines that are used for different conditions but every medicine no matter how effective that might be, is not likely to cure every asthmatic condition. The medicine must always be chosen according to particular conditions… Continue reading

Concept of Human Constitution

The human being is made up of two parts, namely physical and non-physical. Physical part is the one that relates to the physical body, physical senses and dimensions. Non-physical part is the one that comprises of emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. In homeopathy, the constitution of a human being is not with reference to physical body alone. Since homeopathy attaches lot of importance to "mind symptoms", emotional and mental bodies… Continue reading

Pulse: Human Pulse Facts

The term "pulse" generally refers to the vibrations in radial artery of the wrist. It is perceptible to the touch and can be checked by human fingers or electronic instruments.

The frequency of the pulse varies with age. It should be around 80 beats per minute in a healthy male adult and 5 to 10 beats more in females. In children it is much faster at the time of… Continue reading